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Information Resilience

Today’s global threats of terrorism and piracy demand assured secure communication systems to enable the passage of vital information between units.

The use of public, private and satellite networks provides commanders with the ability to communicate securely at both classified and unclassified levels, via any IP network in the world, to enhance strategic and tactical operations in mobile, remote and challenging environments.

Being able to protect these networks against suspicious or malicious activity and unauthorised connections is critical to ensure highly sensitive messages are not intercepted or impeded in the all-important information battle.

Secure Communications with CATAPAN

CATAPAN is a government grade encryption solution that protects the most sensitive and mission-critical data while enabling secure communications over public and private networks, from strategic or enterprise to the highly tactical and mobile.

Our CATAPAN solutions can be deployed for voice, video and data transmission over any communications bearer. Offering an effective line of defence to counter the growing threat and evolving nature of cyber-attacks, it also gives the freedom and flexibility to operate without constraint, all while ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the world’s most sensitive data, networks and assets is safeguarded.

Introducing CATAPAN with Swift Key Technology

Currently, managing sensitive data is challenging and incurs a lot of cost, time, resource and security. Its infrastructure typically also doesn’t allow much room for agility. L3Harris’ next-generation CATAPAN with Swift Key Technology eliminates the need for incumbent sensitive hardware through Over-The-Network-Keying and enhanced key management, reducing operational risk while improving mission agility. CATAPAN with Swift Key Technology underpins secure cross-domain manoeuvre to see commanders truly achieve information advantage.

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Information Resilience Sell Sheets

  • L3Harris Specialist Intelligence Networks
    CATAPAN: Government Grade Information Assurance and Resilience Brochure
  • L3Harris CATAPAN Swift Key Technology
    CATAPAN Swift Key Technology Sell Sheet

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