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L3Harris UK ERG Makes Great Strides in the Name of Pride

Corporate Headquarters
Oct 9, 2023 | 2 MINUTE Read

What is Stonewall and why does being a Diversity Champion matter?

Currently the largest LGBT rights organisation in Europe, Stonewall is an LGBTQ+ charity based in the UK. Since 1989, Stonewall has been campaigning as part of a global movement to help drive real and lasting change for LGBTQ+ people across Britain. Through its highly regarded Diversity Champions programme, Stonewall has worked with thousands of UK and international organisations to develop knowledge and awareness of LGBTQ+ inclusion, aiming to unlock the full potential of the workforce.

Since becoming a Diversity Champion, the UK chapter of the PRIDE ERG has been dedicated to reviewing business policies and legal impact to ensure all related documents and facilities are sufficiently representative and inclusive. The Stonewall membership will help to measure the group’s progress and identify gaps in order to further improve LGBTQ+ equity in the workplace.

What was L3Harris’ contribution to Pride in Gloucestershire?

An annual event that promotes LGBTQ+ equality and diversity by campaigning for community-wide progress and acceptance, Pride in Gloucestershire brings people together to inspire and empower them to make a difference. As a Bronze sponsor, the L3Harris stand was manned by a team of 10 rotating ERG members and allies, each of whom took the time to engage with the general public by answering questions, connecting with attendees and appealing to visitors’ competitive sides by encouraging participation in a fun fairground game. 

Several members also joined the event’s vibrant march throughout the city of Gloucester at the very start of the day, walking in solidarity alongside peers within the LGBTQ+ community to raise further awareness. “The event was truly amazing and offered a great opportunity to celebrate the team’s inspirational efforts in promoting and advocating the PRIDE ERG, all of which sits outside the day job!” said Emma Dunleavy Harris, co-lead of the ERG’s UK chapter.

The PRIDE ERG in Tewkesbury and Fleet has also been announced as a finalist for the LGBTQ+ Defence Awards, with the winner due to be revealed at an official ceremony taking place in London on Tuesday 17 October. Discover more about our expanding range of corporate-wide ERGs here.

Currently the largest LGBT rights organisation in Europe, Stonewall is an LGBTQ+ charity based in the UK. Since 1989