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South Korea

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Christopher E. Kubasik expects to expand L3Harris' focus on partnering with international countries.

Press release

New L3Harris Technologies CEO Expanding Company’s Focus on International Partnerships

L3Harris Technologies’ new CEO Christopher E. Kubasik expects to expand the company’s focus on partnering with countries around the world to introduce new technologies and help increase economic prosperity and safety in the regions.

Christopher E. Kubasik becomes the second CEO in L3Harris Technologies' history as a combined company.

Press release

Christopher E. Kubasik Succeeds William M. Brown as CEO of L3Harris Technologies

Christopher "Chris" E. Kubasik today succeeded William M. Brown as Chief Executive Officer of L3Harris Technologies – becoming the second CEO in its history as a combined company.


Press release

L3Harris Technologies to Provide Next-Generation Electronic Warfare System for F-16 Multirole Fighter

L3Harris Technologies has been awarded a contract from Lockheed Martin for development of a new advanced electronic warfare system to protect the international F-16 multirole fighter aircraft against emerging radar and electronic threats.

South Korean Helicopter in flight

Seoul Airshow (ADEX) 2023

Seoul Airshow (ADEX) 2023

The 2023 edition of Seoul ADEX takes place from the 17th to the 22nd of October 2023 at Seoul Airport in Incheon (South Korea).

L3Harris has a strong presence in the Republic of Korea (ROK), providing defense technologies and solutions for over 25 years.


Seoul Airport, Incheon, South Korea


October 17, 2023 through

October 22, 2023

L3Harris has been a contractor of choice to Korean shipyards building naval vessels for the ROK Navy and other navies around the world. These technologies include integrated platform management systems, periscopes, mast and mast raising equipment, valves, hull mounted sonar, dipping sonar, electrical switchgear, fault isolations units, solid state bus transfers, degaussing systems, air-cooled frequency converters, auxiliary propulsions systems and much more.

L3Harris has provided a series of multisensor, multi-spectral, electro-optical, and infrared surveillance and targeting systems to the ROK Navy, Coast Guard and National Police. In addition, a local authorized service center was established in country to ensure efficient after service support.

L3Harris has supported the ROK Army with numerous products as well to include ground panoramic night vision goggles, mine detectors, armored vehicle transmissions, secure communications solutions, datalinks and other C4I solutions.

L3Harris also supports space-based solutions to include weather monitoring sensors such as the L3Harris Advanced Meteorological Instruments which is part of the GEO-KOMPSAT-2A satellite and other space-based programs to include GPS and space situational awareness technologies.

From the depths of the ocean, to the ground, air and even up in space, L3Harris has been providing technologies to the Republic of Korea to support the country’s defense needs.


  • Electronic Warfare
  • Air Based Command and Control
  • Signals and Electronic Intelligence
  • Avionics
  • EO/IR
  • ISR Systems
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Common Data Link
  • Full Range of Maritime Systems
  • Communications and Cyber Security
  • GPS Technologies
  • Satellite Based Weather and Environmental Sensors
  • Simulators and Pilot Training

L3Harris South Korea Locations


Seoul, Korea

L3Harris ROK

Sogong Hankook Bldg. 12th Fl.

16 Namdaemum-ro, 7-gil Jung-gu

Seoul, Korea

Phone: +82-2-773-4361

  • Seoul, Korea

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