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Why are Airlines Selecting Flight Recorders with Increased Capacity Like the SRVIVR25™ Recorder Series?

1. Flights are much longer than two hours

“Majority of flight durations are longer than 2 hours and up to 12 hours - Critical information may be overwritten,” stated in the NTSB Safety Recommendation. 

Many times pilot observations carry across several flights. Having this data available for analysis will help improve safety, training and flight efficiency. 

“In many air accident and incident investigations, Cockpit Voice Recorder data for the critical phases of flight are not available. This illustrates the necessity to increase, sometimes significantly (15 to 25 hours), the duration of CVR recordings,” cited ICAO international. 

2. More data. More efficiencies

The L3Harris SRVIVR25 series provides:

  • >25 hour minimum audio recording
  • >25 hour minimum data link recording
  • >140 hours flight data recording 

This is the largest amount of data ever available for flight safety, training and maintenance technicians and SRVIVR25 provides a secure, reliable foundation for capturing it. This data enables operators to identify pilot, policies and equipment strategic actions to quickly reduce costs, increase safety as well as apply evidence-based strategic training.  

As we all know, correct analysis harnesses the data intelligently to drive measurable results. Now airlines have a robust tool to augment optimization.

3. Easy data retrieval

Aircraft equipment is not like smart TVs, it is not possible to stream the data to a mobile phone. As a result, a key focus of the recorder’s development team was to enable operators to efficiently, and rapidly download the large amounts of data the new recorders capture. The embedded Ethernet ports enable a technician to simply plug-in and select the download options using the Recorder Device Interface tablet. This capability reduces maintenance time, does not require additional training nor the removal of the recorder from the aircraft, providing efficiency while saving money.

4. They’re retrofit ready

Given the vast amount of data retrieval capabilities from the new recorders, some airlines are choosing to upgrade a majority of their fleet with these new devices. The SRVIVR25 series is a direct replacement for devices using the ARINC 747 and 757 based recorders. This enables operators to economically upgrade the cockpit voice and flight data, including the L3Harris FA2100 recorders, on existing aircraft with minimal flight interruption.

5. Mixed fleet compatibility

The SRVIVR25 is line-fit on Airbus A320/A320/A330/A350 and A380 platforms as well as being selectable on the B737Max, B737 and B777. This, combined with the retrofit capability, allows airlines who prefer fleet commonality to upgrade their recording capture across their fleet easily and economically.

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