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FVR-90 Aerial Deployment Integrates with Artificial Intelligence Systems

The innovative technology has an array of uses such as firefighting, ocean research, rail inspection and other military applications with room to expand.

Developers of the FVR-90 are now exploring platform integration to enable small UAS (sUAS) aerial deployment in collaboration with artificial intelligence company Shield AI.

Shield AI leverages previous research to develop advanced artificial intelligence software that increases resilience, speed and scope of area coverage, such as the bottom side of a bridge or inside a bunker. Their mission? Utilize AI systems to protect service members and civilians. It’s L3Harris Technologies’ FVR-90’s job to help get the sUAS to the toughest places.

How do these two technologies complement each other? FVR-90 is fully runway independent with a universal mounting interface to accommodate various payloads, making it the perfect delivery aircraft for Shield AI's Nova 2 sUAS platform.

The two pioneering teams are working together on aerial deployment integration. The basic mechanics are a UAS with a sUAS attached. Aerial deployment of the sUAS allows for greater situational awareness and increase protection for those in harsh environments or conflict zones. 

FVR-90 vertical takeoff and landing is engineered for efficiency in confined spaces and from moving vessels. Now add a sUAS attachment. Flown in from long stand-off distance, the attached Nova 2 can deploy from the FVR-90 while in flight to perform a mission, gather live video feed and generate high-fidelity 3D maps of complex environments, all while the FVR-90 orbits above, relaying and distributing vital intelligence to operators on the ground.

“Working in the field of artificial intelligence has allowed us to explore new advantages the FVR-90 has in defense and civil missions,” said Aaron Farber, lead project engineer at L3Harris. “With the ability to collect data even in the toughest environments, warfighters and personnel can make increasingly informed decisions with the high-speed information and intelligence offered by the FVR-90 equipped with Nova 2.”

Learn more about FVR-90 here and visit Shield AI’s Nova 2 here.