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Rochester Engineering Society Honors Seven L3Harris Employees

Communication Systems
May 14, 2021 | 14 MINUTE Read

Founded in 1897, RES recognizes local engineers for outstanding community service. It also celebrates activities that promote engineering excellence and leadership in the Rochester area. 

Richard J. Buckley, senior fellow from L3Harris Technologies, was selected as the 2020 Engineer of the Year.

Two L3Harris employees were honored as finalists for 2020 Kate Gleason Young Engineer of the Award:

  • Alexandra P. Bowen, lead electrical engineer
  • Heston E. Van Evera, specialist, systems engineering

Four additional L3Harris employees were selected as 2020 Engineers of Distinction

  • John W. Nieto, senior fellow
  • James A. Norris, senior scientist, Waveform Development
  • Mark W. Thompson, senior scientist/senior fellow and lecturer, CET, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Paul Voglewede, senior scientist


Rich Buckley
Senior Fellow

Since first joining L3Harris Technologies 40 years ago, senior fellow within the company’s Communication Systems segment, Rich Buckley is fortunate to have contributed to numerous impactful projects during the span of his career as a radio systems architect.

Throughout his time at L3Harris, Buckley is particularly proud to work for an organization that services the Department of Defense, international military, police and firefighting communities by providing them with reliable radio communications needed to work under what can be very difficult situations.

One such product, the L3Harris Falcon® III AN/PRC-117G has truly been a “cradle-to-grave” project for Buckley. Since championing for the original concept in 2005, to operating as chief architect throughout development and then launching the product capable of adapting to new software-defined waveforms as needed throughout its lifecycle, Buckley was involved in it all.

Richard J. Buckley, Senior Fellow

“As chief architect, I was responsible for the product architecture trades, along with the detailed electrical and mechanical designs, which ultimately led to a successful high-volume production and satisfied customers,” said Buckley. “It was rewarding to lead a talented engineering team and also coordinate with other facets of the business. When we launched, complete with ‘future proof’ elements capable of adapting and changing to set the groundwork for a long-life product, it was particularly gratifying.”

Benefiting greatly from mentoring throughout his career, Buckley regularly finds opportunities to help other new engineers navigate their careers. He has been a member of the Rochester Institute of technology (RIT) Electrical Engineering Advisory Board since 2002 and most recently participated in a University Relations project with RIT investigating the use of photonics for Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.

Buckley has participated in numerous University Relations projects, another being an “AI for RF” project where he worked with students on characterizing radio frequency (RF) signals in proximity to one of L3Harris’ radios, then optimizing radio performance accordingly.

Buckley holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the RIT. He also holds several pending and approved patents. Aside from spending a few years as vice president of engineering at Flightline Electronics in Victor, Buckley has worked for L3Harris his entire career.

When not at work, Buckley and his wife Ann have supported several refugees arriving to the Rochester area. They are expecting their first grandchild in June.


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