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I Am L3Harris - Crystal Peck

Corporate Headquarters
Nov 19, 2021 | 3 MINUTE Read
I am L3Harris slide-in

I Am L3Harris

L3Harris is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and respect. Hear about our employees’ experiences directly from team members around the world in our “I Am L3Harris” series.

One of the most frequently asked questions of leaders is “What keeps you up at night?" That question has never held as much weight for me, as it does today.

While navigating our way through a global pandemic, we are now processing the senseless murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. All while showing up at work and trying to be our best selves in the midst of so much pain. 

For several nights, I've laid wide awake with my heart and mind racing. I've written so many different versions of what I wanted to say. Some versions were very polished and others not so much. Each time, I would ask myself

“What could I possibly have to say that hasn't already been said?" “What could I possibly say that would even make a difference to so many broken hearts?"

This is where I landed:

You are here at L3Harris for a reason. Your perspective, your contributions, your presence matters, your LIFE matters.

I know you are hurting; I am hurting too. I know you feel your pain is going unnoticed, it's not. I see you and I am here for you.

I know it's hard to show up to work as your best self right now, but we need you. The way to move the needle is be your authentic self, consistently deliver on your goals and objectives and challenge our leaders to be better. 

As a black leader, I want people to see my color.

With it there is a strong Caribbean-American heritage—born in Jamaica and raised in America. With it there is a unique perspective from being raised by strict, hardworking immigrant parents in an urban city while attending predominantly white private schools. It is because of that upbringing that I lead through the lens of diversity.

I commit to you that:

  • I will always be a champion for diversity and inclusion, not just in words but in action​.​
  • I will always openly and directly challenge any unconscious or conscious bias I see in the workplace​
  • I will hold myself, my team of HR Business Partners, my peers and our leaders accountable for doing the right thing always. 
  • I will educate our hiring managers on why representation not only matters but is a business imperative.​​

​Even from my home office, I know that you are not ok. It's ok to not be ok. ​​

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