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L3Harris Mobile ISR Solutions Enable All-Domain Network Convergence

The company’s integrated systems enable enhanced communications and ISR capability for national security, providing uninterrupted voice and high-speed data connectivity and bridging strategic and tactical networks together. 

“We at L3Harris understand our customers’ requirements and deliver mission capabilities that allow end users to complete their missions more effectively,” said Chris Aebli, President, Global Communications Systems, L3Harris. “Our mobile ISR solutions converge our customer’s ISR, voice, situational networks across all domains into one accessible ecosystem, instantly giving nations a tactical military-grade high-speed C4ISR foundation with the high performance, encryption and frequency-hopping capabilities today’s militaries require.”

In a recent $23 million Foreign Military Sales order to a Middle East customer, deployed systems will integrate L3Harris solutions—including Integrated Tactical Area Communications Systems (ITACS), ROVER® transceivers, Hawkeye™ III VSAT terminals, and Falcon® tactical radios—into a robust, secure network.

ITACS’ design allows for quick and easy deployment in a variety of operational settings, pre-configured with the industry-standard or flexible networking kits for specific mission sets, including border security, aerial surveillance and communications network extension. L3Harris’ solution provides a command-and-control backbone on which nations can build additional layers of C4ISR networking to meet their strategic goals.

The system seamlessly integrates into tactical, public security and commercial radio networks and interoperates easily with existing technology investments, including fielded tactical radios. This quickly expands combat network communication reach with uninterrupted voice and high-speed data connectivity bridging strategic and tactical networks across great distances and permit instantaneous sharing of vital common-operating data.

Battle management software, such as L3Harris’ hC2 and hManager solutions, can be layered on top of the communications backbone to provide battlefield commanders a full picture of battlefield progress.

L3Harris mobile ISR solutions also offer modular system design to enable spiral technology development paths to achieve longer-term goals.