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Investing in Renewable Energy Creates Cascading Benefits

Corporate Headquarters
Mar 14, 2022 | 2 minute Read

L3Harris is committed to fighting climate change by reducing GHG emissions and energy consumption. We are investing in various solutions to meet our long-term GHG reduction target including investing in renewable energy. In June 2020, L3Harris signed a virtual power purchase agreement with Lightsource bp that resulted in a new solar farm project, Elm Branch. L3Harris committed to a perennial purchase of 100 megawatts of capacity and the environmental attributes. The total project is comprised of more than 360,000 solar panels across approximately 1,350 acres of land.

The Elm Branch Solar Farm broke ground at the end of 2020. By its completion in late 2021, project partners McCarthy Building Companies and Adaptive Construction Services had created approximately 250 construction jobs and, through an apprenticeship program, 50 veterans gained new skills and were introduced to career paths in renewable energy.

L3Harris’ investment in the solar farm project created benefits beyond contributing to our progress towards reducing our GHG emissions by 30% by 2026.

The solar farm provided veterans and others valuable job opportunities while strengthening local economies with projected revenue for local landowners through long-term land leases. The project also helped foster a healthier environment and grew the renewable energy pipeline that enables other businesses to lower their carbon footprints all while increasing U.S. energy security and independence.

“This solar project reinforces our commitment to sustainability and

reducing our environmental footprint. It serves as a model of the

benefits that shared goals among several organizations can create to

support our community and the environment.”

— Byron Green, Vice President, Global Operations, L3Harris


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