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L3Harris is helping the British Army prepare for conflicts in the Urban Electromagnetic Environment

Corporate Headquarters
Feb 2, 2023 | 2 MINUTE Read

That’s the principle at work as the British Army conducts the Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE), a series of annual events which push the boundaries of technology and military capability by placing prototype systems in the hands of the ultimate users.

AWE is designed for a specific purpose – to address an increasingly complex, congested and contested urban Electromagnetic Environment (EME) that hampers threat detection and identification due to the evolving physical characteristics of the battlefield environment.

The experiment helps prepare the British Army for future conflict in an increasingly urbanised world. It delivers high-quality evidence that results in invaluable military feedback to suppliers. 

AWE 2022 focused on Sustain and Protect – examining how the British Army can sustain and protect a Brigade (and below) force in the urban environment. ‘Sustain’ focused on intelligent logistics, medical extraction and vehicle extraction, whereas ‘Protect’ focused on physical and non-physical (i.e. electronic) protection. The British Army selected L3Harris’ Intelligence and Cyber International (ICI) team based in Tewkesbury, UK, as one of a handful of companies to demonstrate their capabilities to this influential customer base over a 2-week period this November. 

AWE 2022 offered a great opportunity to share early plans and to get customers excited about the CORVUS portfolio of products: a family of static, mounted or dismounted systems built around a highly agile architectural core, capable of hosting user-defined, mission-specific electronic warfare (EW) and cyber applications.

CORVUS: Next-Generation Electronic Warfare

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