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Seven Ways Driving Simulators Are Perfect for Learning by Repetition

Harnessing a skill, like driving, requires repetitive learning. The problem is that learning by repetition takes time and resources, which can impact a business’ profits. This is especially true when it comes to fleet vehicle companies.

Learn how driving simulators can help lessen the training burden by making repeat learning easy while allowing businesses to continue operations as usual. 

The Power of Repetition in Learning

With repeated lessons and practice, a skill evolves from something that requires focus and concentration to something done subconsciously without a second thought.

Interval training is a vital part of using repetition learning successfully. Interval training is when there are increasing gaps of time between lessons to ensure the information presented is absorbed.

Using interval training and repetition is different than memorizing something for short-term use. The combination of training and repetition pushes knowledge to stay deep within the brain.

One study showed that repetition and spaced-out training made skill-based knowledge and facts easier to remember. Two groups were involved in the study: The first sat through one lesson, and the second experienced that same lesson six times.

The group with six lessons had stronger activations in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that deals with memory and processes information. So, through repeated interval learning, information became more ingrained in the hippocampus and was easier to remember.

Not to mention that practice builds up confidence, which is needed in stressful situations. 

Seven Ways Driving Simulators Can Help with Training

While repeating learning sounds like a great option for fleet driver training, it’s difficult to do logistically. That’s where driving simulators come in. Here are seven benefits of using our driving simulators

1. Immersive Experience 

Using a 180° field of view with 4K LED screens, our driving simulators create an immersive experience. Your employees will feel as if they’re really behind the wheel.

To heighten the immersive experience, we also calibrate our simulators to feel similar to driving the actual vehicle. The built-in steering wheel turns at the same speed as if it was attached to the vehicle. This prepares new drivers to handle the physical vehicle when the time arrives. 

2. Safe and Controlled Environment

Using a simulator creates a safe and controlled environment for you and your trainees. Drivers are allowed to make mistakes with virtually no consequences. If they crash their simulated vehicle, there’s no damage to equipment or injuries to your crew.

Creating a repeated driver training course is easy because you can program the same scenario for practice purposes. As your trainees master each scenario, it’s easy to have them do it again a week later to ensure they really understand.  

3. Create a Variety of Scenarios 

Our driving simulators can create a variety of driving experiences by changing variables, including:

  • Weather conditions
  • Locations
  • Types of traffic
  • Types of roads
  • Times of the day

4. Gather Data and Provide Feedback

Our driving simulators feature feedback tools you can use to improve the performance of your trainees. You can gather individual driver data to provide comprehensive feedback for each trainee.

It can also help with more experienced drivers. If they have some bad driving habits, you can help them break the cycle by gathering their data and showing them their mistakes. 

5. Save Money on Gas

Using a driving simulator means there’s no need to waste a drop of gas. With high gas prices, this alone represents huge savings for your business.

6. Save Money on Potential Repairs 

Accidents happen, but they happen more often during training. By using a simulator, you won’t have to worry about broken equipment, damage or injuries while training occurs.  

7. Keep Running Your Business While Training

With a driving simulator, your business can remain operational while training is happening. Your fleet will be used for business purposes which means more profits.

Train Your New Drivers with L3Harris Driving Simulators

A driving simulator is a sound investment for your business in the long run. You’ll save money while keeping your employees safe at the same time.

Contact us today to learn more about our simulators. 

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