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Increase Efficiency in Your Industry with a Driving Simulator

Did you know that employees learn 70% of skills through their jobs, 20% through coworkers, and 10% through formal training sessions?

What if there was a way to combine all three training methods? You can by using a driving simulator.

Every industry wants to increase efficiency, and the driving industry is no different. Training can be an effective way to increase efficiency, particularly if you’re constantly hiring new drivers. You can achieve this by using driving simulators.

4 Reasons Why Driving Simulators Are Better for Training New Employees

Driving simulators offer the unique experience of getting on-the-job training without ever driving on actual roads.

1. Simulators Are Interactive

A driving simulator allows new employees to get a feel for a specialty vehicle, like a patrol car, snowplow or pushback tug, without driving the actual vehicle.

By having your employees learn by doing, a process called experiential learning, they’re more likely to remember the lessons better.

Other benefits of experiential learning include:

  • Feeling more confident by using real-life situations
  • Being able to put lessons to use immediately
  • Using creativity when faced with new situations
  • Understanding mistakes better
  • Collaborating with others 
  • learning theory and practice at the same time

Our simulators feature 180-degree vision with three 4k LED screens. By surrounding drivers with these screens, they feel more like they're behind the wheel instead of just facing forward with a single screen. 

2. Simulators Are Realistic

Even though driving simulators are used for training, they provide the most realistic experience you can get without getting behind the wheel. You can change the time of the day, weather conditions, road type, geographical environment, and even vehicle type.

This flexibility creates thousands of scenarios for practicing. You can also increase the difficulty of each experience, so drivers will feel confident when they finally get on the road. 

3. Simulators Feature Instructing and Feedback Tools

Our simulators can repeat scenarios with ease. If one particular experience seems to be a struggle for employees, they can redo that scenario as often as needed.

Our advanced driver training feedback tools prevent your employees from failing the same scenario over and over again. With the simulator's playback capability, you can instruct your employees on the moment they made a mistake and how that affected everything following it. 

4. Simulators Reduce Employee Stress

Driving an unfamiliar vehicle can be intimidating. Using a simulator takes some of that fear away. Drivers can get a feel for what it’s like driving a vehicle without worrying about causing damage.

4 Ways a Driving Simulator Saves You Money

A driving simulator is a great way to train new employees, and it can save you money. Here’s how: 

1. Simulators Don’t Use Fuel

A driving simulator doesn’t require fuel use. With fuel prices constantly fluctuating, a simulator can save thousands of dollars. 

2. Simulators Prevent Equipment Damage 

Accidents are bound to happen while training. Instead of risking damage to your equipment, which could cost thousands to repair, you can use a simulator.

Simulators offer an immersive experience similar to the feel of driving a vehicle without using the actual vehicle. 

3. Simulators Offer a Safe and Controlled Environment

Equipment isn’t the only thing to worry about getting damaged during training. A vehicle accident can cause severe injuries to your employees and others. Not only is safety important, but you also want employees to remain available for work.

A driving simulator allows employees to make mistakes with no consequences. 

4. Simulators Let Vehicles Be Used for Business Purposes

A driving simulator allows you to keep your business operational while training a new fleet of drivers. You’ll no longer have to set vehicles aside for use in training or have experienced drivers spend their day training new drivers.

New employees can train on the simulator while your experienced drivers use your vehicles for their intended purpose: earning you money. 

Make Training More Efficient with L3Harris Training Simulators

Learning by doing in a safe and controlled environment is the best way to train new drivers. Your drivers get an immersive experience that allows them to make mistakes without real-world consequences. Meanwhile, your fleet is on the road, making you money.

Contact L3Harris today to learn more about our various driving simulators. 

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