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Driving Simulators, Going Green, and Other Transportation Trends for 2023

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Jul 7, 2023 | 4 MINUTE Read

These five transportation industry trends include different ways to streamline operations, an increase in hiring and using driving simulators and trying to go green.

5 Top Transportation Trends

Here are five different trends focusing on various aspects of the transportation industry and how they may potentially improve it.

1. Using More AI

AI to support transportation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has increased in businesses across all industries. In 2023, AI use will spread across all aspects of the transportation process.

We’ll see AI handling manual tasks in warehouses, speeding up product preparation for transportation.

AI will help drivers find better routes for faster deliveries and improve fuel optimization.

Many companies are creating applications for analyzing traffic and telling production managers when a popular item will be out of stock soon. 


2. Focusing on Green Energy

Transportation vehicles and EV charging

Transportation contributes around a quarter of total global carbon dioxide emissions. Because this is such a large amount, transportation industry leaders have been seeking ways to decrease emissions. For example, shipping companies are outfitting vessels with energy-efficient systems. There’s also an exploration of alternative fuels like hydrogen, liquefied gas and synthetic fuels for air and sea vehicles.

Industry leaders are looking into electric delivery trucks. Electric commercial vehicles are already on our highways and streets.


3. Hiring More Drivers and Using Simulators for Training

The sudden appearance of COVID-19 threw the whole transportation industry into chaos. Along with many delivery businesses struggling to hire and keep drivers, there was and continues to be a rise in hiring new drivers. Suddenly there was much more online shopping and deliveries to make.

In 2021, 14.9 million people, around 10.2% of the US workforce, were working in the warehousing and transportation industries. Employment in the transportation sector also reached the highest level since 1990.

With increased hiring, more companies are investing in streamlining their training process. This streamlining has led to a rise in the use of driving simulators. These simulators offer a similar experience as physically driving a vehicle without getting behind the wheel.

Using simulators for training lets businesses run as usual because they don’t need to sacrifice vehicles for training. 


Fleet of vans

4. Advertising for Mobility as a Service

A form similar to mobility as a service (MaaS) has already been established through services like Uber and Lyft, but MaaS is more than just ride-sharing.

MaaS takes all the logistical platforms required for a complete transportation service lifecycle and condenses it into one service for people to use. Depending on the company, MaaS can use a combination of public and private transportation methods for the most efficient journey.

Transportation businesses may start advertising themselves as MaaS to increase their customer base in 2023.


5. Using Transportation Management Systems Becomes More Common

Delivery driver loads van

The entirety of the transportation lifecycle is a complicated process. A transportation management system (TMS) straightens out the process, so goods arrive on time with no problem.

This system not only automates workflows but also offers real-time tracking of drivers and inventory. Tracking allows business owners to understand any issues within the supply chain and if more delivery drivers are needed.

TMS can also offer money-saving suggestions by pointing out unnecessary expenses. It will become more common for land, air and sea transportation to use the systems in 2023.


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