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How Driving Simulators Improve Training by Offering Real-Life Scenarios

A driving simulator allows fleet managers to train new and experienced drivers in various real-life situations without hitting the road. Simulated training means eliminating injury, damage and fuel waste.

Each L3Harris driving simulator features a functional driver cab and a 180° field-of-view with 4K LED displays. The simulators mimic the feel of driving an actual vehicle. When a trainee pushes the gas or brake pedal or turns the steering wheel, the simulation will react as the vehicle would in real life. 

Use Driving Simulators to Prepare for Real-Life Scenarios

Here’s how a driving simulator is a solution to training for real-life scenarios that you can practice on an L3Harris driving simulator. 

Bad Weather

There are 5,891,000 car crashes yearly, and lousy weather causes around 21% of these crashes. Among these accidents, 46% occur during rainfall and 18% during winter weather.

While fleet managers can’t control the weather, they can influence their drivers’ reactions to it. L3Harris driving simulators offer a catalog of preloaded poor weather scenarios trainees can experience. The catalog includes bad weather at night, in a rural area or in a busy city.

Whether it’s rain, ice, fog or a mix of these weather conditions, drivers can feel more confident while driving during poor weather conditions.

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is crucial for a safe journey when operating any passenger or commercial vehicle. Accidents happen due to human error like the following:

  • Texting while driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Driving while tired
  • Speeding
  • Running red lights

In 2019 alone, 3,142 people died in accidents due to distracted driving. Managers can do their best to prepare drivers for human error situations by training them on a driving simulator. Scenarios can be loaded where drivers must drive on a busy street, avoid hazards, and more.

When a trainee fails a scenario, the trainer can pinpoint their mistakes. For example, did they not wait a couple of seconds after a light turned green? Did they turn too wide? 

Mechanical Failure

No one can predict when a mechanical failure will occur, but the results can be disastrous when it happens on the road. How a driver is supposed to react and how they instinctively react are entirely different — and instincts usually make the wrong decision.

But you can retrain their instincts with a driving simulator. L3Harris has a library of scenarios involving mechanical failures like brakes failing, tire blowout, or steering failure.

You can have a trainee run a scenario where their brakes go out. They’ll probably panic and try the emergency brake too quickly, failing the scenario. But using a simulator means failing without causing injury and damage to company property and human lives.

Following this training, the instructor can teach the driver the proper technique and have them run the scenario repeatedly until the right technique becomes part of their muscle memory

Instructors Have a Variety of Tools to Work With

Training often runs into issues where different instructors have different teaching methods without standardization. Managers don’t have to worry about inconsistencies with L3Harris driving simulators.

All instructors can access the Instructor Operating System with feedback tools like after-action review and playback. Training session information will be available for instructors to share with the trainee for better understanding.

Instructors can also create custom situations or adjust the difficulty of any scenario depending on the trainee’s needs. 

Make Driver Training More Efficient with L3Harris Driving Simulators

Driver training consumes a lot of time for driving-focused businesses. Without simulation, you can’t train multiple drivers simultaneously and ensure they’re safe on the road. Standard training involves training and riding with trainees one at a time.

But a driving simulator is the ideal solution. The entire process is accelerated, providing education and real-world experience concurrently. With the available scenarios and customization options, trainers can prepare their students for almost anything.

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