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Law Enforcement Driving Simulators

The L3Harris PatrolSim™ is the most realistic, cost-effective law enforcement driving simulator. It is easy to set up and provides drivers with a real-life representation of a patrol car that allows them to learn, practice, and train in the safety of the simulator.

Find out more about the benefits a police simulator can provide.

What Benefits Does a Law Enforcement Driving Simulator Provide Compared to Training in a Real Patrol Car? 

Here are seven benefits a police simulator can provide compared to a patrol car for training. 

Flexible Training Options

Law enforcement driving simulators allow training to happen anywhere and at any time. They can be easily installed on-site or made fully mobile by installing them in a trailer or a truck complete with a mobile on-site classroom. This makes training more accessible and allows you to bring high-quality training opportunities to all officers, regardless of location. 

Improve Driver Retention

Continual training, performance assessments and chances for education improve retention. Driving simulators provide complete, consistent and objective feedback, which gives drivers the skills and confidence to drive safely.  

Driving simulators are not limited to new employee training. Because they can create any environment or road condition, simulators can even provide veteran officers with unique situations to test and improve their driving skills. 

Practical Training

It’s impossible to teach someone how to drive through the rain if it’s always sunny. A driving simulator supplements and enhances initial driver training and scheduled and periodic training. It allows law enforcement officers to train on different road and weather conditions. 

Reduce Vehicle Costs

Training conditions can put a lot of stress and pressure on a vehicle, which leads to more frequent maintenance and higher-cost repairs. A law enforcement driving simulator allows officers to push their vehicles to their limits without the constant fear of repair costs.

Rather than taking cars from your fleet off the road just for training, driving simulators allow you to keep your fleet on the road and serve your community. 

Reduce Crashes

Departments that use a driving simulator from L3Harris have significantly reduced preventable crashes. Additionally, using a driving simulator has been shown to reduce severity of crashes, leading to less injury to officers and vehicles. 

Improve Fuel Efficiency

A police car simulator is a much more fuel-efficient way to train officers on the job than a live driving test. You won’t have to spend any money on a single drop of gas on a simulator.

The simulator is also a great way to teach drivers about fuel efficiency. It provides real-time feedback about the driver’s habits and provides the chance for direct feedback to improve fuel efficiency in fuel management training. 

Ease of Data Collection

The PatrolSim™ from L3Harris tracks and records all information during every driving simulation. This makes performance assessments easy, allowing teachers and leaders to look at quantifiable data, including the small, sometimes forgotten, details. 

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Do you still have questions or want to learn more about law enforcement driving simulators? Contact us today to request more info. We’ll give you the necessary information, including a buyer’s guide, to help you decide what best fits your department's needs.

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