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I Am L3Harris - David Butler

Corporate Headquarters
Nov 29, 2023 | 2 Minute Read

When I am asked why I chose L3Harris, the answer is simple – L3Harris has been a huge part of my life, and the people are almost like family to me. Out of all the companies out there that support the military, it’s not a coincidence that L3Harris has been the company that I could always count on.      

My father has worked at L3Harris for almost 29 years –most of my life. I remember participating in the "Bring Your Child to Work" days where I played with L3Harris radios and the work picnics where I met my father’s co-workers. There was even an L3Harris bowling league team in New York that threw me a proper send-off when I left for the Navy at age 18. There are still people working here today that watched me grow up.

During my time in the Navy, I was a small boat gunner/navigator in Virginia Beach, VA. The only form of communication we had on our boats were L3Harris radios. I quickly realized how much I was going to have to trust the products that I had grown up seeing and hearing about. My history and experience with L3Harris gave me far more confidence while I was out on the water doing my job, as I knew how reliable L3Harris radios were. I was absolutely certain there was little chance we would have issues with communications.      

In 2021, after leaving the Navy, I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in computer science. I received multiple job offers from other companies but could not decide where I wanted to start my civilian career. It all became clearer once L3Harris offered me a job in the IT Leadership Program (ITLP), which would allow me to experience the world of IT while building my leadership skills. I prayed about the decision but ultimately knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I accepted the offer. 

Each day I get to work at L3Harris is a blessing to me. I get to work for a company that provides the military and first responders with battle-tested equipment that has proven itself time and time again, including first-hand for me. If you had asked me when I was eight years old if I would work for L3Harris someday, I would have told you, “I hope so.” Today, I am proud to be a veteran working for L3Harris and am excited to continue contributing to its legacy so that other eight-year-olds are inspired to do the same. 

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