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I Am L3Harris - Taikara Yohe

Corporate Headquarters
Jan 30, 2024 | 3 Minute Read

I took the most roundabout path to where I am now … and have zero regrets. At 17, I worked in retail management while earning a degree in world religions, mythologies and philosophies. I later worked my way up from a technician to a technical administration and management role while earning another degree in aerospace engineering and space science. I eventually started my professional career with L3Harris in 2021 as a systems engineer for Space and Airborne Systems in Rochester, N.Y. I joined the Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to connect with like-minded colleagues, hoping to find opportunities to learn the ropes at L3Harris, share some of my experiences and see how others developed their own careers.

My experience with ERGs started with the Early Career Professionals (ECP). But I’ve engaged with most of the ERGs at L3Harris now, and I am especially proud of the work I’ve done with Pride. I love meeting new people and making connections, as I never know where or when I might discover a new passion! I’m always amazed by the brilliance, dedication and expertise of those I’ve met along the way. In addition to my work colleagues, I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many interesting folks from all walks of life outside of work, too. Understanding their challenges and adversities, and, more importantly, the ways they’ve overcome them, has resonated with me in the best ways.

As soon as I heard about the new multigenerational ERG, 5GEN, I knew I had to get involved. The most important thing I’ve learned through my studies and work experiences is that everyone has at least one area where they excel and at least one where they could use a little help. True success and growth are achieved when we work together, sharing our expertise and leaning on each other for assistance. Understanding our differences often leads to a realization of how similar we all really are. 5GEN members are bridging generational gaps to achieve this.

As a member of Generation X, right in the middle of the five generations currently in the workforce, I feel I’m in a perfect position to really ‘Bridge the Gap’ the theme of 5GEN’s inclusion month. Generation X is literally a technological bridge since we are the earliest adopters of the technological age. In particular, being early in my second career, I have a lot to learn from my more established colleagues in terms of policies, procedures and what works in practice. Conversely, I’m closer to updates in technical writing standards and technological tools, particularly as I work toward a third degree.

I look forward to all that 5GEN will do in 2024!

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I Am L3Harris

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