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Strengthening Australian Industry Capability Through Sovereign Sustainment Support

L3Harris Technologies’ Field Service Representative support has proven itself and grown in Australia – and throughout the Indo-Pacific region – over the last 13 years and remains fully dedicated to the support of its end users and the advancement of their communications capabilities.

“L3Harris Communications Australia is deeply committed to the growth and development of sovereign Australian Industry Capability,” said Andrew Rushbrook, Managing Director of L3Harris Communications Australia Pty Ltd and regional Vice President of L3Harris Tactical Communications. “We have a dedicated and professional team of 45 veterans skilled across tactical communications; Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance; and Satellite Operations and platform integration to meet the various needs of our customers.”

MQ-4C-Triton-RAAF UAS/UAV in flight

L3Harris Communications Australia (L3HCA) established its Field Service Representative department in 2011 under the Commonwealth’s JP2072 program. Since, L3HCA FSRs have supported L3Harris products and capabilities globally, including a spectrum of services to Asia Pacific, New Zealand and Australian military programs.

Recently, L3HCA received a $17 million (AUD) contract from Northrop Grumman Australia to provide Field Engineering Services to the Wideband Command/Control Communications Subsystem (WCCS), a subsystem within the Triton Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Communications Suite.

The MQ-4C Triton system is a high-altitude UAS that will be used for maritime patrol and other surveillance roles. The Australian government, though the Royal Australian Air Force, is committed to contributing to maritime domain awareness in the Indo-Pacific region – a fundamental requirement for stability and prosperity in the region.

L3HCA will sustain the WCCS onboard the MQ-4C Triton and support the UAS’s wideband C3 functionality over the next three years, with two potential contract extensions, for the AIR7000-1B program.

“We are proud to provide seven dedicated Field Service Representatives in our work with Northrop Grumman Australia to deliver this critical capability to the Commonwealth,” said Rushbrook. “This first of its kind program in Australia will expand into a new sovereign capability and grow our Australian Industry Capability in support of Commonwealth technology innovation.”

L3Harris currently provides the WCCS solution on the AIR7000-1B platform, and this program will establish a “world-class sovereign field services solution,” added Rushbrook. L3HCA will provide the services in partnership with L3Harris’ US-based business with years of experience establishing and maintaining these communications systems.