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Advanced Low-Cost Munitions Ordnance (ALaMO™)


  • Low-cost 57 mm guided smart ammunition
  • Counters swarming small boat and slow UAS threats
  • Compatible with MK110 gun on Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) and U.S. Coast Guard National Security Cutter (USCG NSC)
  • Compensates for gun weapon system errors
  • All weather operation
  • Hit-to-kill with fragmenting incendiary warhead


Low-Cost Guided Munition Solution to the High Raid Density Asymmetric Threat
  • Improves accuracy as compared to current ammunition
  • Reduces cost-per-kill
  • Eliminates swarm prior to the threats reaching their effective weapon range
  • Limits number of missiles required


  • Advanced Low-Cost Munitions Ordnance (ALaMO™) Data Sheet

    Advanced Low-Cost Munitions Ordnance (ALaMO™) Data Sheet


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