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AFIRS™ 228 Automated Flight Information & Reporting System

Product overview

The AFIRS 228 provides global communications between pilot and air traffic control (ATC), aeronautical operation control (AOC) and airline administrative control (AAC) using the Iridium® high-fidelity satellite network is known for global connectivity, including across oceans and desolate regions. This SATCOM solution uses the standard cockpit controls from the audio control panel and the MCDU with a second modem dedicated to safety datalink services using standard ACARS and FANS message sets. The AFIRS 228 includes telecom functions integrated into the cockpit audio system, as well as through the conventional telephony devices.

  • MCDU priority voice dialing
  • Integrated cockpit audio
  • Long-range FANS & CPDLC
  • Sole-source line-fit solution on Airbus A220, A320 and A330
  • System level certification by Airbus for datalink applications including CPDLC safety services and safety voice certification for FANS over Iridium
  • FMS/ATSU and transmission are completed through ATC networks via ARINC/SITA
  • Low profile passive antenna reduces drag and provides better fuel efficiency

Key Features

AFIRS 228 enables long-range FANS & CPDLC.

The AFIRS 228, designed for demanding 21st century communications needs, enables long-range Future Air Navigation System (FANS) and Controller-to-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) using the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) network for traffic controller-to-pilot messaging.


Two Iridium transceivers for global connection, safety data link services.

The AFIRS 228 Satellite Data Unit (SDU) has two Iridium transceivers. One transceiver provides global voice and data communications using standard SATCOM cockpit controls from the audio control panel and the MCDU. The second modem is dedicated to safety data link services using standard ACARS and FANS message sets (e.g., CPDLC and ADS-C). The single Iridium antenna is a low-profile, passive device mounted directly to the aircraft fuselage. This antenna connects to the Iridium SDU through a coaxial cable.


Telecom functions integrated into the cockpit audio system.

The AFIRS 228 SDU includes telecom functions integrated into the cockpit audio system for the flight crew and also through conventional two-wire “tip and ring” telephony devices. A separate SDU Configuration Module (SCM) contains the Iridium ATS or non-ATS SIM Card, system configuration information and user-stored information (e.g., phone lists) to simplify the process if a unit needs to be replaced.

Product specifications

ARINC 429 Tx: 6
Discrete Inputs 16: (2 discretes are dedicated to WOW/LGCIU)
Discrete Outputs: 8
Ethernet: 4
RS-232 Serial (or RS-422): 4
Telephony Ports: 2
Aircraft Audio System Interface: 1
Number of Antennas Required: 1
  • Iridium – Approved Iridium Compatible Equipment (ICE)
  • SITA ACARS over Iridium – VHF AIRCOM Qualification (VAQ)
  • ARINC ACARS over Iridium – Avionics Qualification Policy (AQP)
  • ARINC 429 Mark 33 Digital Information Transfer System
  • ARINC 618 Air/Ground Character-Oriented Protocol Specification
  • ARINC 739A Multi-Purpose Control and Display Unit
  • ARINC 741 Aviation Satellite Communication System
  • ARINC 761 Second-Generation Aviation Satellite Communication System
  • RTCA/DO-160G
  • RTCA/DO-254
  • RTCA/DO-178B
  • TSO C-159a (contact L3Harris for details)
LRU SPECIFICATIONS Chassis: 15.02 in. (381.51 mm) L x 2.27 in. (57.66 mm) W x 7.81 in. (198.57 mm) H
Mounting: ARINC 600 2 MCU
Rear Mating Connector: Size 2 ARINC 600 receptacle
Weight: 7.6 lb. (3.45 kg)
SIM Card: Housed in SCM
ANTENNA SPECIFICATIONS Weight (typical): 6 oz. (0.170 kg)
Overall Dimensions (typical): 0.66 in. (16.8 mm) H x 3.5 in. (89 m


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