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Airborne Flight Termination Receiver (AFTR-925)

The AFTR-925 is a small (4.5 cubic inch), lightweight (5 ounce) receiver consistent with today's missile programs that require smaller, lighter-weight components. This is accomplished with modern component technology and packaging techniques, while retaining the highly reliable functional and environmental integrity of previous designs.

The AFTR-925 is an industry standard that can be easily upgraded to an enhanced flight termination receiver (EFTR-925) with minimal effort and no impact to form or fit.

The AFTR-925 is an evolutionary design based on 33 years of range-safety experience and meets the design and test requirements of both IRIG 313-01 and RCC 319-14 documents.


  • Factory programmable; field re-programmability for these characteristics
    • Receive frequency
    • Three- or four-tone operation
    • Tone frequencies
  • Digital radio which manages analog tones
  • No RF/IF tunable elements
  • All solid state design
  • Failsafe operation
    • Redundant cross-strapping available
  • RCC 319-14 compliant
    • Standard: RCC 319-14 stress and derating compliant
    • Optional: RCC 319-14 parts program compliant

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