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Sanjay Kealey - Head of Product Solutions at L3Harris


Embracing the Training Shift

To wrap up 2020, Sanjay Kealey, Head of Product Solutions, Commercial Aviation, L3Harris summarises how the challenges we have faced over this last year has created a new outlook for pilot training technologies and the role they will play in 2021 and beyond. Read the full article.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Building Upon Today’s Successes Toward Prosperity Through Technology

L3Harris supports UAE and Gulf allies’ efforts to neutralize the threats now present in their region.

SafeRoute+ Interval Management (IM) capability


Why is ADS-B Technology Important for Airlines and Global Aviation Authorities?

Keeping all the flights on time, and safe, puts a lot of pressure on controllers and flight crews. That’s one of the reasons DO-260B was mandated. Anyone familiar with the mandates knows airlines around the globe have either updated, or are currently equipping their aircraft with ADS-B avionics.

Spotlight on Air Capabilities

Scalable Open Architecture Reconnaissance

Scalable Open Architecture Reconnaissance


FVR-90 Airframe

L3Harris Viper Shield™ AN/ALQ-254(V)1 All-digital Electronic Warfare Suite

Viper Shield AN / ALQ-254(V)1 All-digital Electronic Warfare Suite

L3Harris Disruptor SRx Electronic Warfare

Disruptor SRx™

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