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Airline Pilot Standard (APS)/MCC Course For Individuals

Course overview

This demanding course is designed to prepare the professional pilot licence holder for the challenges of type rating and the requirements for safe operation in a multi-crew commercial operating environment.

The course will enhance your handling skills and develop new competencies where flying with a professional crew during normal and non-normal operations will become second nature. The course incorporates airline based Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), with realistic scenarios designed to maximise the learning benefits of this exciting course.

You will develop a range of non-technical skills including teamwork, workload management decision making and the vital skill of monitoring the operation - none of which would work if you do not communicate with accuracy. 

As you progress through the course our experienced instructors, a number of whom fly with CAT operators, will guide your personal development in the core skills which form the foundation for a successful career in aviation, you will become self-aware; where you will be encouraged to self-critique your performance to recognise when your capacity, leadership skills and technical knowledge combine to keep the operation safe.

Working with a partner pilot, this may be the first time you are a key part of a crew in challenging, dynamic environment, this course will support your development to be an effective member of any crew.


An applicant for the APS MCC course shall comply with the following requirements:

•    Hold a multi-engine IR(A), 
•    Hold a Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(A) or frozen ATPL(A). 

Original logbooks must be submitted together with any supporting documentation.


Medical requirement

Trainees should hold a valid medical certificate issued in accordance with Part-MED. 


English language

Proficiency in the English language must be demonstrated.

Course content

The course provides a structured program of training that maximizes sufficient rest, days off, study and preparation time.

Included is:

•    4 days of theoretical knowledge instruction including airline standard CRM training
•    10 days (40 hours) of MCC/ Advanced Swept wing and Airline Operations Scenario training
•    Use of Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 fixed-base simulators
•    Access to online training material and videos
•    Unlimited use of flat panel procedural trainers
•    Electronic charts and airplane performance
•    Accommodation for duration of the course


Ground-school phase

The course starts with 4 days of Ground School where you will be introduced to the technical and non-technical skills and knowledge required to operate a CAT aircraft and how Human Factors (or CRM) are key components of operating safely. The course will build on the skills and knowledge you already own. You will learn to incorporate Threat and Error Management (TEM) with briefing, develop communication techniques and employ a number of recognised Crew Resource Management (CRM) tools used daily by the Airlines you may be working for in the future.

By the end of day 4 you will equipped with the tools to take on the MCC course to progress your career as a commercial pilot.


Flying phase

The flying phase is 10 days (plus days off) consisting of 10 – 4 hour Line Operations Flight Training (LOFT) sessions for each crew in a L3Harris state of the art, specifically approved (MCC) Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD).

The flying phase includes:

•    20 hours Multi Crew Co-operation Training MCC
•    12 hours Advanced Swept-Wing Jet Aeroplane Operations
•    4 hours Advanced Airline Operations Scenario Training
•    4 hours Final Assessment (including 2 hours Advanced Airline Operations)

Course price

£9,700 (inc VAT) per candidate.

Subject to the training services terms & conditions.

APS MCC Trainee - Jordan
L3Harris APS MCC trainee Jordan, shares his story as well as some insight into what it's like to train at L3Harris.

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