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Pilot Training Systems

Pilot Training Systems Overview

At L3Harris, we are proud to offer a diverse range of world class pilot training systems and software for training center operators and airlines. Our pilot training systems are designed to:

  • Increase training efficiency
  • Prepare trainees for real-life scenarios, using high specification flight simulators
  • Improve flight operations
  • Maintain safety regulations and standards
  • Develop industry-leading crews

From full flight simulators and flat panel trainers to virtual flight decks and obsolescence management, you can use our pilot training software and systems to create a fully bespoke training program, tailored to your procedures, operations and specifications as an airline.

Along with our pilot training software and systems, we also offer other pilot training services and courses to support all your crew, from trainee instructors to maintenance technicians.

Watch the video about our exceptional pilot training systems and software to understand more about how we can support you with the development of your crew.

Our Pilot Training Systems & Software


Full Flight Simulators

With its unique modular architecture, the RealitySeven Full Flight Simulator delivers high degrees of reliability, maintainability, and supportability for training center operators. One of the most innovative pilot training systems available, its core elements are independent of the aircraft type which means different aircraft modules can be flexibly replaced as your fleet or training operation requirements change.

two pilots inside fixed based flight training device

Fixed Based Flight Training Device

Featuring an aircraft-specific flight deck, the L3Harris FTD offers an alternative to the Full Flight Simulator, without the need to compromise your pilot training experience. With the exception of motion, L3Harris’ Flight Training Device is comparable to our world renowned RealitySeven Full Flight Simulators.

Learn more about our Fixed Based Flight Training Device and how you can use this high-specification pilot training system to bring new efficiencies to your pilot training.

flight management system trainer software on iPad

Flight Management System Trainer

The Flight Management System Trainer (FMST) is an excellent first-class pilot training system. With its high-fidelity, free play environment, it offers your pilots the opportunity to learn and manage flight deck systems and practical experience prior to training in a full flight simulator.

Take a look at our Flight Management System Trainer.

flat panel trainer

Flat Panel Trainer

The L3Harris Flat Panel Trainer is a pilot training system device that allows pilots to develop their theoretical and practical fundamentals, technical knowledge and build on their key competencies.

Our Flat Panel Trainer provides pilots with a training tool to prepare for simulator sessions, potentially decreasing the time needed in more costly training devices such as full flight simulators.

pilot using virtual flight deck software

Virtual Flight Deck (VFD)

The Virtual Flight Deck (VFD) allows pilots and maintenance technician trainees to view and operate all flight deck panels, controls, indicators and displays in a simulated environment.

It is one of the most innovative pilot training programs available due to its use of real-time interaction, which will support your trainees with developing their ability to maneuver systems and phases of flight procedures, as well as work through unusual situations.

pilot distance learning on ipad

Classroom and Distance Learning Systems

We are committed to supporting your crew with both practical and theoretical training and development which is why, alongside our full flight simulators, we also offer pilot training software for classroom and distance learning. Ensure your trainees have access to world-class training resources, content and tools in the classroom and remotely by using our state-of-the-art pilot training software ETHOS.

engineer looking at visual drawings of simulator

Obsolescence Management

Ensure you have the most up-to-date pilot training systems and software at all times with our obsolescence management service. Whether you need a simulator part repaired, updated or replaced, we will support you to secure what you need to mitigate training disruptions and continue delivering world-class training.

Find out more about how our experienced team can design replacement parts for your pilot training systems.   

Engineers undergoing maintenance on a flight simulator

Support and Aftercare

We understand the significance of maintaining your investment in pilot training devices. Our comprehensive aftercare services are designed to ensure your simulators operate at peak performance, delivering unparalleled training experiences.

AAM Solutions from L3Harris

Advanced Air Mobility Solutions

The Advanced Air Mobilty (AAM) industry is evolving fast. This new exciting ere in aviation will bring many changes that will grow the number of aircraft operating in the airspace and present many challenges that will require new solutions and training.

L3Harris is in a unique position to offer an integrated range of solutions to support our customers, and the wider aviation industry adapt, in order to continue to increase the levels of safety that will become even more important.

Learn more about our Advanced Air Mobility solutions including how we can support your future pilot training requirements.

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