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AN / ALQ-211 CV-22, NH 90, and F-16 Self Protection System

A self-protection system that counters RF, infrared and laser threats

The ALQ-211 family of systems detects, denies, disrupts, degrades and evades lethal threats and provides multi-spectral (radio frequency, infrared and laser) situational awareness. When the aircrew encounters a threat emission, the ALQ-211 establishes the threat range from the mission aircraft. If an aircraft is in lethal range of the threat, the ALQ-211 initiates an integrated instantaneous response, breaking missile lock through RF countermeasures, and cues the use of chaff and flares. As the aircraft’s survivability suite controller, the ALQ-211 coordinates the response for laser and infrared threats, providing a truly integrated approach to aircraft self-protection.

The ALQ-211 is integrated into the CV-22 Osprey Special Operations aircraft, Norwegian NH 90 multi-mission helicopter and is on board international F-16 fighters for Chile, Poland, Pakistan, Turkey and Oman. The self-protection system is also applicable for pod-mounted applications and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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