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AN/PRC-167 Multi-channel Manpack

Wideband, MUOS-ready Tactical Radio

The AN/PRC-167 is engineered to meet multi-domain challenges of any combination of ground, vehicular and airborne missions, simultaneously and independently connecting warfighters through the full frequency range of a broad portfolio of waveforms on each of two channels. As mission needs evolve, this software-defined manpack supports fast, in-field updates to new capabilities. An external mission module hardware interface also allows warfighters to quickly add options including Full Motion Video ISR capabilities and other emerging technologies.

High-Speed Tactical MANET 

The Multi-channel Manpack provides an up-to-the-moment battlespace Common Operational Picture via advanced crossbanding and high-speed TSM-X™ MANET. Data and voice communications are protected through L3Harris Denali® encryption, enhancing tactical interoperability by allowing dual-channel, independent security level combinations up to TOP SECRET.

Key Benefits

  • Familiar Falcon® radio interface reduces user training and deployment time 
  • WebUI streamlines operation, supporting remote radio and network monitoring through any End User Device
  • High-speed tactical MANETs expand real-time networking intel 
  • Software-defined architecture simplifies fast upgrades to emerging tactical capabilities
  • Independent levels of security up to TOP SECRET


  • AN/PRC-167 Multi-channel Manpack Datasheet

    AN/PRC-167 Multi-channel Manpack Datasheet

  • Wraith Resilient Wideband Waveform Datasheet

    Wraith Resilient Wideband Waveform Datasheet

  • Aviation Interface Backplane (AIB) Datasheet

    Aviation Interface Backplane (AIB) Datasheet

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