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ATP CTP Course

What is ATP Certification for Pilots?

The ATP CTP Program is designed for those pilots who wish to obtain an ATP certificate with a multi-engine rating or a type rating for any aircraft. It is the starting point for obtaining your FAA Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) License and bridges the transition from commercial pilot certification to airline transport pilot certification. 

With the ATP certification, a pilot is able to meet the hiring expectations of most domestic airlines, while also attracting the attention of corporate air carriers. Pilots who have completed the ATP may also expand their responsibilities to include instructing other pilots and approving both pilot logbooks and training records. 

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How to get ATP Certification?

The steps you need to take to obtain your ATP if you already hold an FAA CPL are as follows:

  • Firstly, you should prepare for the theory sections of the ATP ME. However, before you are allowed to take the ATP ME exam, you must complete an Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP). The ATP CTP Program involves a knowledge component as well as flight simulator training. It comprises of 30 hours of ground school and 16 hours of flight simulator training
  • Once this is completed, the pilot will take the ATP ME exam. This consists of 125 questions, of which 70% must be answered correctly
  • After completing the theory, the next step will be the ATP training. Two options are available: either an ATP non-type or an ATP with type rating. The latter can be done on a variety of aircraft types, including A320s and B737s
  • Once this hurdle is cleared, all that remains is to pass the ATP checkride. Again, the pilot can choose between an ATP checkride on a light twin-engined aircraft or an ATP with type rating

Course overview

The L3Harris Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP) is the starting point for obtaining your FAA airline transport license. The ATP CTP course content includes training in navigation, automation, runway safety, high altitude operations, low energy states and upset prevention recovery training (UPRT).

  • ATP knowledge test arrangements and test preparation assistance are available upon request
  • Candidates can choose to take the test at a convenient location anywhere in USA (after course completion)
  • ATP CTP certificate does not have an expiration date
  • ATP knowledge test results are valid for five years from the date the test was taken
  • Hotel recommendations are available upon request. Most partner hotels include complimentary transportation to and from the airport and main training building

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Course content and locations

The program will take place in:

  • This course is offered at state-of-the-art training facilities in Dallas, TX and Miami, FL.


2024 program dates:

  • Dallas location: June 7, June 21, July 5, July 19, August 2, August 16, August 30, September 13, September 27, October 11, October 25, November 8, November 22, December 13
  • Miami location: June 24, July 8, July 22, August 5, August 19, September 2, September 16, September 30, October 14, October 28, November 11, December 2, December 16
  • For B737NG Type Rating classes: July 1, July 29, August 26, September 23, October 21, November 18, December 16


Our program is seven consecutive days in length and consists of:

  • Four days (30 hours) of academic training (Ground School)
  • Three days (10 hours) of simulator training: Four hours of FSTD (Flight Simulation Training Device) & six hours of full motion flight simulator


Academic training content

  • High-altitude aerodynamics and maneuvering
  • Airplane weather detection systems
  • Advanced physiology/fitness for flight
  • Multi-crew communication training
  • Multi-crew environment checklist usage
  • Low-visibility operations
  • Advanced navigation concepts unique to air carrier operations
  • Air carrier safety culture to include safety programs used to enhance air carrier safety, including: aviation safety action program (ASAP)

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Course price

ATP CTP: $3,995

  • Additional discounts available for groups, must commit by contract - Sim and resource availability restrictions may apply*
  • Custom start dates available for groups - Sim and resource availability restrictions may apply*

*Subject to the training services terms & conditions.

ATP License Requirements

Since the ATP CTP Course is a training requirement for taking the FAA ATP Exam, there are no requirements pilots need to fulfil before starting this. However, the requirements for the ATP certification include that:

  • The pilot must have a minimum of 1,500 hours of flight time
  • Of these 1,500 hours, 500 hours must be cross-country, 100 hours night flying, 50 hours of flying the type of aircraft for which the type rating is completed, 75 hours of instrument time and finally 250 hours as pilot in command
  • This may vary if the pilot completing the ATP program has previously accumulated flight hours in the military or has completed a collegiate flight program

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