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BeOn® for Healthcare

Key Benefits

  • Use your smartphone or tablet like an emergency walkie talkie—just push-to-talk
  • Use your own Android and Apple® iOS smartphones, tablets and Windows® PCs to connect anywhere Wi-Fi® and LTE are available. No additional equipment is needed
  • Share up-to-the-moment voice and data with individuals and teams
  • Locate and track availability of out-of-building healthcare workers
  • Instant replay of missed calls and automatic call logging allows staff to get vital patient and team information
  • Protect information with the same encrypted technologies used by police, fire and rescue
BeOn® Mobile Application


"It's no longer an option; you have to have it, the fact it is cost-effective, can be set up quickly...there's no learning curve."
TJ Kennedy 
Co-founder, The Public Safety Network
Empowering Public Safety With Life Saving Technologies