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Broadband Managed Services

XL Devices Product Line

Accept No Boundaries 

With Broadband Managed Services (BMS) from L3Harris Mission Critical Services, buy the data you need when you need it. Unused data? Keep it until you use it. No monthly plans, no overages, no expiration, no hidden costs—no surprises.

Let’s take a closer look at an example.
With L3Harris BMS, you’re in control. Easily manage multiple devices across carriers with a single vendor and simple billing.

Current Provider’s Unlimited Plan L3Harris Broadband Managed Services*
  • Multiple data plans to manage
  • Pay for more data than you need  
  • Limited real-time visibility into data usage
  • Must contact provider to manage devices and data plans
  • No ability to quickly provision new devices for unplanned events
  • Shared data that never expires
  • Pay for only the data you need 
  • Real-time visibility into data usage
  • Provision access as needed, when needed
  • Manage devices and levels of access in real-time through your private online dashboard

*Broadband service offerings are provided exclusively by L3Harris Mission Critical Services, LLC.

“The availability of L3Harris XL series portable radios with LTE connectivity is a game-changer,” said Rob Nekich, network analyst for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. “I expect these devices will ease the transition from LMR to LTE while allowing certain users to remain comfortable with a radio form factor.”

Jackson, D. J., & Castillo, A. C. (2022, March 24). PTT over FirstNet gains traction, with some entities planning to abandon LMR. IWCE’s Urgent Communications.

Broadband Managed Services Dashboard

Do More With Less Risk

A cloud-based portal gives administrators extensive control and insight into data usage from anywhere. Allocate data by device or group or set it to allocate automatically where it’s needed most. You’re in control, and because your data never expires, you never have to worry about overages.

Intuitive. Insightful. 360º view.

  • Simple dashboard management
  • Customize usage by day or month
  • Allocate shared data by group
  • Set content filters by device
  • View and analyze web traffic
  • Manage access by time-of-day

Why choose L3Harris? Less risk. Lower costs. Greater choices.

Broadband Managed Services activation graphic

Ready. Set. Activate. 

Step 1: Choose a carrier.
AT&T, FirstNet®, Verizon, Verizon Priority*. Love your carrier? Keep it.
*All product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Step 2: Determine your broadband needs.
Pool and share data. No expiration. No overages.

Step 3: Activate.
Access, no matter the mission.