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Data Centric Command


C5ISR Data Centric Command decision making

Data Centricity delivers two types of real-time, specific, actionable insights to the point of need:

Priority intelligence requirements, focused on the adversary and environment picture.

Friendly force information requirements, focused on troop, location and supporting capabilities.


Data centric characteristics

Data centric strategies and systems fundamentally transform the way militaries and Joint Forces fight by aggregating, managing and visualizing data from diverse platforms into timely, actionable, role-specific insights. Successful C5ISR systems make data:

Accessible: Users can locate and retrieve the data that matters for their role.
Understandable: Users can easily and quickly recognize the content, context, and applicability.
Linked: Users can exploit data elements through innate relationships.
Trustworthy: Users can be confident in all aspects of data for decision making.
Interoperable: Users have a common representation/ comprehension of data.
Secure: Users know that data is protected from unauthorized use/manipulation.


C5ISR Battlespace icon - faster delivery

Move faster than the threat

C5ISR Battlespace icon - automate response

Automate responses at machine speed

C5ISR Battlespace icon - anticipate adversary

Anticipate adversary tactics

C5ISR Battlespace icon - strong security

Maintain a strong security posture

C5ISR Battlespace icon - link sensors to shooters

Link sensors to shooters via a military IOT.


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