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Resilient Network Communications


When implemented effectively, ISR Networks unify communications between battlefield sensors and multiple technology platforms from edge to command. The ability to keep joint forces coordinated and acting as one will be the deciding factor in many operations.

C5ISR Network JADC2 Diagram

EW and Cyberspace

C5ISR Networks - EW and Cyberspace

Cyberspace” is the environment in which communication over computer networks occurs. Military cyberspace operations create effects that support missions in both physical and digital domains, including:

Offensive Cyberspace Operations are intended to project power by the application of force in and through cyberspace. These operations are authorised like operations in the physical domains.

Defensive Cyberspace Operations are intended to defend military and other friendly cyberspace. Defense operations are both active and passive, conducted inside and outside of military information networks.


JADC2 Unified Network diagram

Unified ISR Networks connect separated systems, which otherwise slow or prevent a COP. Network unification enables fastmoving, AI-infused communication environments. With ISR Networks, you can easily connect and unify platforms, sensors and soldiers, all while moving complex, high-bandwidth data across domains.

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Enable faster, more-accurate decision making for Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2).