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CCQ & Differences Course

Course overview

The A320-A330 cross crew qualification (CCQ) is designed to train and assess the trainee in all items required for the initial issue of an EASA A330 Type Rating with IR and PBN privileges where the trainee already has relevant A320 experience.

Course content

Depending on the customer operator's requirements, the course provides options to include; ZFTT or take-off and landing training (base training) and the operator's LV qualification and OPC. Throughout the course, the trainee is expected to self-study through the use of Airbus A330 FCOM, computer based training (CBT) aids (where available), and other documentation/manuals provided by L3Harris. Upon completing the ground school phase, the trainee will progress to a full flight simulator (FFS) where A330 handling and multi-crew operational skills will be developed.

instructor testing pilots in simulator

Periodic assessments

Throughout all phases of the course, there will be periodic assessments where the trainee will be required to demonstrate that they have acquired the appropriate level of knowledge and skill in a progressive manner.


  • All trainees will be assessed before entry on to an approved A320-A330 CCQ course.
  • All trainees must be in possession either of an EASA pilot's license or an appropriately validated foreign license, together with the relevant current medical certificate, before any type rating training can be carried out.
  • The A320 to A330 CCQ course is designed for pilots qualified and current on the A320 with a minimum of three months and 150 hours of A320 experience. It is highly recommended trainees ensure they have a very good knowledge of base aircraft systems before commencing a CCQ course, as the training program only presents the differences between the two types.
  • EASA Part FCL.730.A and the AMC to Part ORA state that, for pilots with sufficient experience (typically - minimum 500 hours on a multi-pilot jet or turboprop airplane of similar size and performance to the A320), the aircraft base training may be completed as a "zero flight time" simulator training detail in a suitably approved simulator.
  • Further requirements can be discussed and agreed upon during initial discussions relating to CCQ training delivery.
  • Logbooks must be submitted together with any original supporting documentation.

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