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Driver Training Services

Value-Driven Driver Training Services

We understand that no two drivers have the same training requirements—just as no two fleets have the same training needs.

L3Harris' Training Services are a scalable and versatile offering that is adaptive and flexible not only to each fleet—but to each driver. As an industry leader in training services we do not focus merely on manufacturing and supporting best-in-class training products or training tools.

Our team is deeply committed to our customers' success to make sure that they have the right tools and expertise that deliver a positive impact on the fleet’s safety, efficiency, performance and ultimately their bottom line.

Driver Training Services Benefits

Our team delivers products and services that support effective delivery of training objectives and enhance training effectiveness. Centered around a core curriculum of content addressing key safety and operational efficiency tasks—when applied through any number of training delivery platforms—helps you improve driver safety, reduce operational costs, and meet mandated training requirements.

Your trusted partner in understanding and identifying strengths and weaknesses in your training program.

We offer guidance and support to help you plan, manage and improve your training effectiveness. Our Planning & Consulting Services offer comprehensive fleet program analysis, training program assessments, and curriculum development services.

Deploy training programs that produce highly skilled professional drivers in less time and at a lower cost.

L3Harris employs our own team of certified trainers who deliver core driver training curriculum or customized topics at fixed-site or mobile training centers depending on your needs. Both options provide customers flexibility in training at their preferred locations where students will experience high quality instructor-led training (ILT), computer-based training (CBT) and simulation-based training (SBT) in a blended learning environment.

We currently offer the following driver training services programs that can be custom-tailored for small fleets with only a dozen or so drivers and scalable all the way up to enterprise size fleets with 10,000+ drivers:

Pre-Hire Screening and Assessment

Reduce washout and know who you’re hiring with performance assessment, profiling and screening

Entry-Level Driver and New Hire

Integrate new drivers into your culture and your standards to get them onboarded and on the road quickly without sacrificing safety

Safety Refresher Skills Training

Retain knowledge and reinforce desired behaviors through skills enhancement.

Post-Incident Coaching

Review the causes of minor and major accidents, reinforce safe procedures and improve decision making.

Advanced Skills Development

Enhance driver’s skills from basic to advanced to learn new skills or prepare for job change.


To successfully execute a training program at this level, it is imperative to employ proven and effective program controls. For the last 27 years, L3Harris has been managing multi-million dollar training programs for the Department of Defense, federal and state governments, and commercial organizations alike.


L3Harris employs a dedicated team of trainers and technicians that support the delivery of our driver training services. Our team has years of combined knowledge and expertise operating commercial vehicles and understand industry standards for proper motor vehicle handling techniques and operations.


We understand the importance of a standards-based approach to training and making sure your training staff is properly trained themselves to deliver training. As such, we have developed a world-class Train-the-Trainer certification course to maintain a level of excellence in your training program.

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Driver Training Services

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