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EFD-750 Electronic Flight Display

Product Overview

The compact, advanced EFD-750 is a scalable OEM and retrofit solution that comes standard with attitude, airspeed, altitude and slip/skid. Customized hardware configurations are available to support internal air data, or external air data from an existing digital source on the aircraft. EFD-750 also reduces maintenance time by storing all display and interface configuration data in an OEM or installer-programmed data configuration module for field-loadable software updates using the MicroSD card slot on the front bezel. 

  • Mirrors PFD presenting airspeed, altitude, attitude and slip data
  • Options for heading and navigation
  • Certified to DO-178C and DO-254 Level A
  • Low cost, compact design for higher performance turboprop and light jets
  • Compatible with existing digital NAV and GPS receivers
  • High-resolution, 24-bit color display
  • 3” round case for easy installation into existing panel cutouts
  • Configurable airspeed VNE and VMO warning cues for Part 23, Part 25 and Part 27/29 aircraft
  • Configurable Static Source Error Correction (SSEC)
  • Barometric Altimeter settings may be synchronized to the aircraft’s primary display system to reduce pilot actions
  • High and low airspeed awareness (HSA & LSA) color bar for Part 27/29 rotorcraft
  • Alternate aircraft reference symbol depiction option

Key features


  • Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display with 3.5" diagonal viewable area
  • Rotary knob to adjust altimeter and to scroll and select menu options
  • Ambient light sensor to automatically adjust brightness
  • Solid state internal sensors for attitude, rates and accelerations.
  • Pilot/Static inputs, or digital Air Data Computer inputs, for airspeed, altitude, and Mach.
  • Optional interface to MAG-500 for heading information
  • MicroSD card slot on front bezel for field-loadable software and configuration updates
  • Dimensions: 3.125" round case, 5.62" deep case behind panel (+0.66 connector)

Flight crew display

  • Attitude and Slip/Skid
  • Altitude, Airspeed, and Mach
  • Heading or Track – (Optional)
  • GPS and/or VOR/ILS Navigation (Optional)

Pilot menu options

Accessed by pressing the ‘Menu’ button

The pilot menu list includes:

  • NAV Mode (VOR/ILS, GPS, Off)

When Nav is enabled:

  • Set Course (When VOR/ILS)
  • Course Direct-To (When VOR)
  • Data Field On/Off

When Data Fields are enabled:

  • Set Display Brightness
  • BARO Type (In, hPa, Mb)
  • BARO Sync

When configured for Baro Sync is enabled:

  • Metric Altitude On/Off

When configured for Metric is enabled:

  • Attitude Alignment
  • System Status

Product specifications

WEIGHT Maximum 2.75 lb./1.25 kg
INTERFACES (#) ARINC 429 Inputs (5), ARINC 429 Output (1), RS-485 Serial Input (interfaces with MAG-500)(1), Analog Input (OAT) (1), Dimming Bus (1), I2C interface to the DCM-750 (1). Dimming Bus input is configurable as 5V, 14V, or 28V.
POWER 14 or 28 VDC electrical systems (10-32 VDC)
NAVIGATION VOR/ILS or GPS Navigation or both
TSO C106, C113a, C201, C209
ETSO No ETSO marking on the Articles are required in accordance with FAA/EASA Technical Implementation Procedure (TIP) Rev 6 paragraph 3.3.3 “TSO/ETSO Articles”.
DESIGN DO-178C and DO-254 - Design Assurance Level A

Technical Standard Orders (TSO):

  • TSO-C106 Air Data Computer
  • TSO-C113a Airborne Multi-Function Displays
  • TSO-C201 Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)
  • TSO-C209 Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) Display

Software & Firmware:

  • EFD-750:
    Software: DO-178C Level A
    Hardware: DO-254 Level A
  • MAG-500:
    Hardware: DO-254 Level C


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