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Cohesive ED-155 System

Product overview

This cohesive system provides the essential and recommended flight, inertial, air data and position parameters using advanced, certified off-the-shelf products for quick and economical installation.  The high performing EFD-750 can be connected to either the Lightweight Data Recorder (LDR), or Extra Lightweight Data Recorder (xLDR) and the aircraft’s GPS, eliminating the need for rewiring and integrating existing avionics to an ED-155 certified recorder.

This integrated solution combines the power of the proven EFD-750 multi-purpose display with our advanced lightweight data recorders to fully comply global ED-155 mandates and recommendations. This cohesive system connects to the existing global positioning source, or optional integrated GNSS receiver, and provides operators the essential and recommended data parameters without having to integrate, wire, test or connect multiple systems to an ED-155 flight data recorder.

  • Provides all the essential EASA-mandated and recommended ICAO ED-155 flight transmission parameters for lightweight data recorders
  • Exceeds recorder data recommendations and utilizes proven technologies to enhance pilot safety and situational awareness
  • Reduces time, installation and certification costs by eliminating need to install additional products
  • Works with existing GPS and cockpit space already designated for a standby display
  • 3” compact EFD-750 display is certified to D0-178C and DO-254 Level A for Part 23, Part 25 and Part 27/29 aircraft
  • It can be used as helicopter PFD or aircraft back-up display and provides pilots the essential airspeed, altitude, attitude and slip data, with options for navigation and heading to enhance situational awareness
  • Compact, lightweight LDRs and xLDRs provide crash-protected audio, image and flight data recording with built-in webserver for easy online retrieval of recorded data
  • This system can be installed as a line-fit or retro-fit solution
L3Harris ED-155
L3Harris ED-155


Key Features

Key features of these L3Harris solutions


Key Features - EFD-750

• High-resolution, 24-bit color display
• 3” round case for easy installation into existing panel cutouts
• Configurable airspeed VNE and VMO warning cues for Part 23, Part 25 and Part 27/29 aircraft
• Certified to DO-178C and DO-254 Level A
• Configurable Static Source Error Correction
• Barometric Altimeter settings may be synchronized to the aircraft’s primary display system to reduce pilot actions

Lightweight Data Recorder

Key Features - Lightweight Data Recorder (LDR)

• Complies with all essential recording requirements of ED-155 mandate including flight, inertial, air data and position parameters
• Also provides full audio, image, additional data (ARINC 717 or ARINC 429) and GPS recording via native capabilities
• Easily retrieves and configures data via built-in web server with laptop and web browser
• Does not require additional software
• Easy to install with no complicated cabling needed for on-aircraft data downloads

Extra Lightweight Data Recorder

Key Features - Extra Lightweight Data Recorder (xLDR)

• Qualified beyond current ED-155 survivability requirements and is certified to TSO-C197.
• Meets Upcoming EASA Mandates and Exceeds Global Recommendations
• Provides data capture flexibility using the same level of crash protection for capturing audio, flight data, video and GPS parameters as the current LDR. Any subset of the benefits can be used for any installation not intended for regulatory-mandated applications
• Easy to install with no complicated cabling needed for on-aircraft data do

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