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ES-3701S - Precision Radar ESM System

Precision Radar ESM Capabilities

ES-3701S is a high-performance radar ESM that provides situational awareness, targeting, self-protection and surveillance. ES-3701S delivers complete radio frequency (RF) coverage with DF from communication through radar bands. The system has been interfaced to many combat management systems (CMS) and uses a Windows graphical interface, which can also be run on a multi-function console.

ES-3701S - Precision Radar ESM System Specifications

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Key System Capabilities
High probability of intercept for instantaneous emitter detection
High sensitivity for long-range detection
Accurate AOA on every pulse
Wideband, narrowband and low band subsystems for comprehensive signal exploitation using advanced sapience emitter processing algorithms
Handles FMCW radars with ultra-high sensitivity and DF
Custom frequency coverage
Precision DF over elevation and dynamic range
Accurate pulse measurements
Processes narrow pulses
Extensive on-board and off-board interference rejection
Signal Processing Performance
< 1 second reaction time
Processes 1 MPPS signal environment
20,000 emitter mode library capacity
Human-Machine Interface
Windows user interface
Easily integrated to combat systems
Can be operated from multi-function consoles
Built-in training
High-speed digital recorder with ELINT recording capability
Custom cabinets to meet ship’s environmental requirements

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