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ES-5080 - Digital Receiver Based ELINT/ESM System

The ES-5080 can detect radio frequency (RF) emissions from submarines, surface ships, aircraft and land-based radars.

The system architecture combines omnidirectional and high-gain spinning dish antennas with wideband synthesized superheterodyne tuners and digital receivers. This combination provides high system sensitivity and parameter measurement accuracy, which is needed for receiving today’s complex, low-power radars at long ranges.

The flexible architecture provides easily tailorable system configurations:

  • Single channel
  • Single-operator system to full multi-receiver
  • Multi-operator ESM/ELINT system

The ES-5080 system uses a Windows interface for emitter graphical analysis and display. The user-friendly, graphics-based human-machine interface (HMI) allows operators to easily interpret and understand the signal environment. The HMI can also be run on multi-function consoles.

ES-5080 Specifications

Download the ES-5080 Sell Sheet
Antenna Performance
0.5 – 40 GHz standard instantaneous RF coverage with angle of arrival (AOA) on every pulse
High-gain antenna for direction finding and ELINT collection
Antenna gain: 24dB at 9 GHz typical
Omni antennas for 360° field of view
Receiver Performance
Multiple superheterodyne and digital receiver channels
Selectable bandwidths (500 MHz to 2.5 MHz for each channel)
50 nsec minimum pulse width
FMCW radar detection and identification
Precision Parameter Measurement
0.25 MHz RF accuracy
5 nsec PW accuracy
10 nsec PRI accuracy
Human-machine Interface (HMI)
Windows graphical user interface
Easily integrated with combat systems
Built-in training
Data Recording
Records PDWs and BDIF
Records CDIF using an optional high speed data recorder
Networking Capability
Designed to be controlled by remote operators over TCP and IP links
One operator can control many systems
One operator can control several sites
Compression software limits network transmissions to available bandwidth
Map overlays
Geospatial plot displays
Data share with shipborne ESM systems

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