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Soldier using hC2 Battlefield Management System in HMMWV


New L3Harris software add-ons broaden hC2 Battlefield Management System capabilities

Two new L3Harris Technologies add-ons to hC2 Battlefield Management System (BMS) software bring to bear expanded capabilities for military users.

Soldiers with night vision goggles and laser rangefinders


Laser Focus

The L3Harris STORM II Laser Rangefinder offers best-in-breed marking and illumination capabilities for elite sniper and vehicular-mounted targeting applications.

L3Harris awarded by U.S. Army with $100 million order for ENVG-B system.

Press release

L3Harris to Deliver Enhanced Night Vision Goggle Technology to the US Army

The U.S. Army has awarded L3Harris Technologies a $100 million order for the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle – Binocular (ENVG-B) system that will enhance soldier situational awareness, mobility, survivability and lethality.

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Integrated Vision Solutions

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L3Harris EGON FLX Next-Generation Ground Electronic Warfare


Talon®2, KOV-26B — Small Form-Factor/Portable Encryption

Talon®2, KOV-26B — Small Form-Factor / Portable Encryption

Hawkeye™ 4 Lite 1.3 Meter Flyaway VSAT

Hawkeye™ 4 Lite 1.3M Flyaway VSAT

AN/PRC-163 Multi-channel Handheld Radio

AN/PRC-163 Multi-channel Handheld Radio

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