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Falcon III® RF-7850W HCLOS Radio


Unrivaled HCLOS data rates on the move

This lightweight, rapid-deployment solution provides high throughput and extremely low latency, ensuring rapid delivery of high-bandwidth VoIP, teleconferencing and C4I data. The radio supports up to four different channel sizes in both Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint modes.

Leading-edge frequency hopping technologies ensure resilient communications in hostile RF environments. The RF-7850W also provides operators with constant connectivity without monitoring or intervention by intelligently detecting weak signal strength and dynamically switching to the strongest available.

Key Benefits

  • Fixed Ethernet data rates up to 430 Mbps and frequency hopping up to 180 Mbps
  • Best-in-class spectrum coverage and efficiency
  • Provides critical connectivity at distances up to 255 kilometers
  • Delivers fully secured data and management traffic


  • FALCON III RF-7850W HCLOS Radio Datasheet
    FALCON III RF-7850W HCLOS Radio Datasheet

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