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Fixed-Mesh Reflector

The Fixed-Mesh Reflector Advantage

To meet the increasing demand for higher bandwidth, improved performance, and better spectral efficiency for satellite operators, L3Harris has developed the fixed-mesh reflector (FMR) as a lightweight alternative to conventional solid reflectors—without losing any of the desired RF performance.

Through the innovative use of our patented mesh reflector surface technology the FMR offers the following benefits:

  • Increased aperture size
  • Near-zero acoustic loads
  • Increased satellite longevity
  • Mass reductions of up to 40%

Approaching half the mass of conventional solid graphite reflectors, our innovative FMRs combine the advantages of the precision mesh surface used in our unfurlable reflector antennas with a fixed, thermoelastically stable composite frame. Qualified in sizes ranging from 1.5 meters to 3.5 meters, the FMR is perfect for satellite communications ranging from UHF- to V-band (to 50 GHz or higher). The FMR can be easily tailored for specific requirements and launch configurations. 

3/6/3 V-Band Fixed Mesh Reflector Specifications

Performance Parameters
Frequency of operation UHF - V band
Deployed geometry
Projected diameter 3.25 m
Focal length 5.84 m
Center offset 3.05 m
Surface accuracy on orbit
Root mean square 0.27 mm
Reflector 22 kg
Stowed >55 Hz
Deployed >1.0 Hz

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