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HalcyonLink™ Interference Canceller

Cancelling RF interference from on-board transmitters so warfighters can communicate while using their EW system

The nature of modern combat drives tactical vehicles to continually increase the number of systems that compete for access to the RF spectrum. RF energy from on-board transmitters, such as EW systems, can degrade nearby communication channels to below useful levels. Often, the result is that EW and communication systems cannot be used simultaneously.

Using interference cancellation technology to reduce undesired signals by more than 80 dB

HalcyonLink’s interference cancellation technology collects a sample of the interfering system’s transmission and uses this sample to create an equal and opposite copy of the interference. This anti-interference is then added to the protected radio’s receive path. The interference and anti-interference cancel each other out, leaving the desired reception intact. HalcyonLink can cancel undesired signals by more than 80 dB, restoring communications links to operationally useful ranges.

Removing RF interference during real-world conditions

HalcyonLink was purpose-built for the rigors of tactical vehicle operation in combat, including harsh environmental, electromagnetic interference, and vehicle power conditions. It handles real-world conditions, like multi-path and vehicle movement, and rapidly adapts to changing conditions. It was designed from the beginning to be extremely easy to use, with just a single ON/OFF switch as the only front-panel control.

Leveraging the unmatched L3Harris RF interference mitigation legacy

L3Harris has been solving the hardest RF interference problems with interference cancellation for over 50 years. HalcyonLink was born of the Advanced Interference Mitigation System (AIMS), which is the latest form of L3Harris’ continued evolution in interference cancellation capability. AIMS provides a standard architecture with common building blocks for rapidly delivering virtually any level of interference cancellation solution.

With AIMS and HalcyonLink, L3Harris offers revolutionary interference cancellation performance that “just works” in the real world.

HalcyonLink Specifications

80+ dB cancellation of in-band signals
140+ dB rejection of out-of-band signals
VHF version - 30-88 MHz; 1 MHz bandwidth
UHF version - 225-400 MHz; 8 MHz bandwidth
<50 μs retune time
Dimensions: 3.4” x 8.75” x 11”
<55 W power consumption
MIL-STD-188 environment
MIL-STD-1275 power

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