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L3Harris microelectronic components’ functionality is crucial to the success of missions across domains. They enable pilots to stay hidden from adversaries, maintain communications and accurately shoot targets to help warfighters win battles. Microelectronics also allow satellites to function properly after launch, supporting successful space missions. They even allow web services to securely store personal data and information.


L3Harris engineers design, build and verify end-to-end microelectronics in a state-of-the-art fabrication and component analysis lab. A fully customizable mission solution is available to customers without ever leaving the hands of L3Harris engineers. This ensures secure handling of components and allows the prototype process to deliver orders in weeks instead of months.


Often, customers have very specific size, weight, power and environmental constraints on top of device performance requirements. L3Harris microelectronics go beyond traditional circuit cards or electronic components to create a customized solution for each customer. Engineers identify novel materials and applications, advance design techniques and develop new fabrication methods to create a system that meets the specific needs of any mission. L3Harris microelectronics also provide unique non-destructive error-correcting capabilities which equip customers with more confidence in the final product than traditional destructive component  analysis methods. 


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