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L3Harris received a $125 million contract to upgrade space force counter-communications.

Press release

L3Harris to Upgrade Space Force Counter-Communications Via $125 Million Contract

L3Harris Technologies received a $125 million multi-year contract to produce space electronic warfare systems that safeguard U.S. military operations and warfighters.



Smarter, Safer, Faster, Stronger – The Future of Quantum Technology

“Quantum science provides an exponential leap beyond the physical limitations of yesterday’s technology,” said Dr. Jim Drakes, L3Harris Senior Scientist and acting Project Lead on Quantum Information Science and Technology (QIST).

L3Harris was selected by US Army to deliver secure communications between manned and unmanned aircraft and ground forces.

Trade Release

L3Harris to Deliver Secure Communications Between US Army Apache Aircraft and Ground Forces

L3Harris Technologies was selected by the U.S. Army to deliver advanced systems that will provide secure communications between manned and unmanned aircraft and ground forces.

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