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Mission Processing

Proven Track Record of Reliable Manufacturing and Delivery

As part of every F-35 aircraft, L3Harris delivers more than 1,600 module components, 58 network interface units, 21 power supplies, 13 antennas, 8 weapon release systems, 7 integrated racks, and 3 antenna interface units. Since program inception, that totals more than two million items delivered with 99.95% on-time product delivery, thanks in part to flexible production facilities with effective surge capacity. In fact, L3Harris production capacity has grown over four times the original footprint since the start of F-35 production.

Cost-Effective Solutions That Exceed Technical Requirements

Working with industry partners, L3Harris has exceeded F-35 technical requirements for advanced avionics and delivered as-promised on price by implementing affordability initiatives. Our initiatives exceeded affordability targets, and resulted in 64% cost reduction since program inception. Cost reductions are not a trade-off for technology. We’ve continued to meet or exceed technical requirements for the racks and network interface units on the F-35, providing higher performance through vibration isolation and thermal management.

Building on the successful deliveries of open systems processing products for the F-22 and F/A-18, L3Harris was selected to upgrade the F-35 Aircraft Memory System (AMS) and the Panoramic Cockpit Display Electronic Unit (PCD EU). The AMS provides solid-state mass storage capability for F-35 avionics subsystems, and the PCD EU provides processing for the panoramic head-down display in the cockpit using growth-enabling open architecture.

Ruggedized COTS Hardware for High Performance Combat Aircraft

Industry partners rely on L3Harris’ proven capabilities to bring integrated systems from design to production with minimal risk, and to continue open system architecture research and development to advance next-generation aircraft capabilities. We specialize in developing ruggedized processor boards using industrial commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware to advance the state of mission processing capability. L3Harris expertise in multi-level security (MLS) ensures that vital mission data remains protected while using common components. These innovative systems processors are purpose-built for operational flexibility in battlefield conditions and are more cost-effective to upgrade.


Next-generation Product Line

Chrysalis is L3Harris’ next-generation portfolio of flexible, open hardware and software processing solutions that can be rapidly and securely integrated for both dedicated use and multifunction implementation. Chrysalis significantly reduces non-recurring engineering costs and risk to schedule by leveraging best-of-breed engineers, hardware and tools

The reconfigurable processing hardware across the Chrysalis product line shares common open and published application program interfaces (APIs) in order to conform to popular open-system standards. This enables customers to modify hardware at multiple physical and software levels with or without the involvement of L3Harris.

The hardware options below are the building blocks that L3Harris uses to rapidly integrate semi-custom processing solutions for customers to meet current and future requirements. These increments leverage existing, mature intellectual property and can be used as published, repopulated or semi-custom.

Deploy cutting-edge capabilities faster than previously possible

  Arrowhead™ Gatekeeper™ Harvester™ Metalmark™
Chrysalis Increment 1
Chrysalis Increment 1
Chrysalis Increment 2
Chrysalis Increment N
Physical dimensions 4.88” (W) x 12.62” (L) x 7.62” (H) 4.88” (W) x 12.62” (L) x 7.62” (H) 10.12” (W) x 12.52” (L) x 7.62” (H) Tailorable instantiation
Weight (approximate) 37.25 lbs dependent upon population 37.25 lbs dependent upon population 74.50 lbs dependent upon population Tailorable instantiation
Dissipated power 1,200 W peak
800 W sustained at +28 VDC input
1,200 W peak
800 W sustained at +28 VDC input
3,000+ W peak Tailorable instantiation
Number of slots 10, 3U VPX 10, 3U VPX 17, 3U VPX 5+, 3U VPX
Cooling Air Air Liquid Air
Physical application General multifunction processing Multifunction processing and GP/GPU capability High-performance multifunction fixed-wing applications Market-aligned single or multifunction solution
MLS implementation type MLS and CDS capable MLS and CDS capable MLS and CDS capable MLS and CDS capable
Other standard measures of performance Up to 100 Tfpls 25 Gbps/lane
100 Gbps ethernet on backplane and fiber interfaces
Up to 200 Tfpls Dependent upon capability need

Integration Services

L3Harris provides genuine open framework that leverages the latest innovations from across the industry without hidden sources of risk and vendor lock. This framework allows us to offer skill and capability integration as a service, leveraging mandated and provided tools. Integration by L3Harris is “golden-screw” free to allow customers to perform their own integration.

The next-generation Chrysalis product line provides industry-leading flexibility, as well as rapid integration and flight qualification, to meet mission-critical needs.


  • Widely adopted OpenVPX and SOSA profiles provide many hardware options
  • Superior architecture unlocks platform to competitive innovation and simplifies integration
  • Rapid innovation and integration allow customers to maintain capability overmatch while reducing costs
  • Genuine-open system maximizes flexibility, scalability and upgradability


  • Liquid or air cooling for harsh environments
  • MLS/CDS capable
  • Certifiable to all criticality levels
  • Futureproof


  • Next-Generation Processing Solutions
    Next-generation Processing Solutions

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