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N100-6 GPS Antenna

The N100-6 footprint is 7 inches by 7 inches and provides a four-element antenna aperture with seven outputs similar to larger arrays. It is designed to receive right-hand circularly polarized (RHCP) signals and couples the radio frequency signal to the antenna electronics (not supplied by L3Harris) via seven coaxial cables.

When used in conjunction with antenna electronics equipment such as GPS Anti-Jam Systems-1 or Advanced Digital Antenna Production null steering electronics, the four-element array is used to adaptively steer nulls in the presence of interfering jamming signals.

Microstrip patch type radiators provide a low-profile package while a hybrid feed incorporated in the reference element allows operation over a wide temperature range without the temperature induced detuning. The three auxiliary elements provide dual orthogonal linear polarization permitting additional degrees of freedom as compared to conventional four-element arrays.

It is for applications such as the AV-8B, helicopters and numerous classes of unmanned aerial system platforms.

N100-6 Antenna Specifications

Download the N100-6 Antenna Spec Sheet
Frequency range L1 1575.42 ± 12.0 MHz
L2 1227.2 ± 12.0 MHz
  Reference element
  Auxilary element
Gain >-3.5 dBic over 95% of 160° cone at band centers
  Reference element
  Auxilary element
Null depth >20 dB typ
Radiation pattern Hemispherical
Power handling Receive only
Weight 3.0 lbs max
Finish White, gray
Military MIL-E-5400

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