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NYFR represents the latest state-of-the-art development by L3Harris with 100 percent POI, staring over 15 GHz (instantaneous bandwidth) to provide reliable radar threat warning. The modular set of building-block components places special emphasis on size, weight and power; cost and life-cycle logistics.

NYFR uses novel technologies to provide unprecedented detection range over the 3-to-18 GHz band. With a block down converter, it also covers 18-to-33 GHz. NYFR has similar sensitivity and dynamic range to ELINT systems, with size and weight comparable to radar warning receivers.

Compared to other 100 percent POI techniques, NYFR provides a unique combination of a digital receiver, low cost and full processing of simultaneous radar pulses.


  • NYFR uses a patented process to digitize 15 GHz simultaneously and detect radar emitters
  • Digital signal processing detects and characterizes emitters – radio frequency, modulation, pulse repetition interval
  • 100 percent Probability of Detect/High Probability of Intercept (HPOI)
  • Dynamic range 50 dB
  • Cues threat warning indicators and full ELINT system for detailed collection and geolocation
  • 30 pounds – appropriate for a wide range of manned and unmanned platforms
  • Operationally fielded in 2017


  • NYFR ELINT System Data Sheet

    NYFR ELINT System Data Sheet

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