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Offensive Cyber

L3Harris is a world authority on cyber capabilities supporting national security operations with end point intelligence collection, operating in the fields of computer network operations and vulnerability research.

Much of our work is de facto neither public nor publicised. We are particular about who we work with and so, for all the right reasons, our customer set is both select and small, comprising only those who share our own high ethical standards. Standing shoulder to shoulder with allied governments, defence, security and law enforcement agencies, we work to make the world a safer place by ‘preventing the event’ and defending national security from ever evolving threats.

In mission critical environments, and in a field where second best is not an option, our services and expertise provide protection through end-to-end solutions which include:

  • World-leading CNO products
  • Customer APIs for intelligence communications
  • Device and access capabilities
  • Automated QA
  • Vulnerability and exploit research

By delivering an intelligence advantage, we secure an unsecure online world.


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