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VSAT in field


Network flexibility: A Vital Consideration for SATCOM Resiliency

The ability for line-of-site tactical voice and data networks to seamlessly traverse over Satellite Communications is an emerging requirement to assure warfighter access to vital information when facing peer adversaries.

Wraith™ waveform resilient communications for the tactical edge


CS President Sam Mehta: Resilient Communications are Critical to Realizing JADC2

Despite the near-universal acknowledgement throughout the U.S. government and defense industrial base of the criticality of resilient communications, industry remains without a clear definition or standard for the term.

Soldier looks at battlefield with assets linked on network


What Makes A Network Resilient?

There are foundational elements to integrated Combined Joint All-Domain Command and Control (CJADC2) networks that must be established as a baseline to ensure the protection of the networks as a whole and the safety of the troops themselves.

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