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L3Harris Nexus

Press release

L3Harris, AWS Work Together to Drive Advanced Networking and Sensor Fusion Technology for DoD

L3Harris Technologies announced an agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to produce and demonstrate advanced networking and sensor fusion capabilities across a distributed battlespace.

ICN Overcomes big SWaP Challenges


How the Small L3Harris ICN Overcomes Big SWaP Challenges

It’s hard to imagine life today without a phone close by that’s able to immediately do all of the everyday things people need to do on demand. Instant access to the internet, a camera on-hand to capture key moments, apps to order takeaways in minutes, and a whole world of online shopping is all available at our fingertips from one single, pocket-sized system. This ease of access and use in mind, it’s surprising that the same approach hasn’t really been adopted within a defence capacity.

In support of the intelligence community, L3Harris is working with IARPA to provide cutting-edge technology for its HAYSTAC program to characterize human mobility and identify anomalous behavior.

Press release

L3Harris Receives Contract to Advance Technology for Intelligence Community

L3Harris Technologies received an Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) contract to provide technology, including modeling and simulation studies, that will help characterize and predict human mobility.

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