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Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV)

Modernizing Fighting Vehicle Technology

L3Harris is part of a team of proven advanced technology providers creating the next-generation capability needed for the Army of 2030. In addition to ARV, the team includes Raytheon Technologies, Textron Systems, Allison Transmission and Anduril. The U.S. Army is looking for an advanced replacement for the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle, and the Lynx OMFV system is built to meet combat vehicle modernization priorities.

In addition, L3Harris technology on OMFV also advances real-time data sharing, connecting the warfighter on the battlefield.

Improved Threat Identification, Lethality

L3Harris sights increase warfighter lethality and real-time data sharing. Mission aids and the enablement of advanced autonomy are just some of the benefits provided by the L3Harris solutions included on the ARV Lynx OMFV offering.

L3Harris provides a mission systems solution that results in improved threat identification and ease of future upgrades. Our open systems and digital engineering expertise ensures the Lynx offering supports the rapid integration of future technology.

Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA)

L3Harris brings expertise in multidomain open and modular mission systems, as well as digital engineering (DE) and cybersecurity to Team Lynx.

MOSA can be defined as a technical and business strategy for designing affordable and adaptable systems. It uses a consistent set of open interfaces and modular hardware and software elements to allow major weapons system components to be incrementally added, upgraded, or replaced throughout the life cycle of the system platform - both rapidly and cost-effectively.

Additional L3harris Lynx OMFV Technology/Expertise

Sights: Gunner/commander sights provide threat identification at a greater distance and in a smaller package which enhance lethality and survivability for strategic overmatch.

Displays: Multi-function displays that provide balance between optimal performance, life-cycle affordability and low risk.

Software: Digital engineering expertise including software integration.

Comms: Advanced capability radios and comms integration proficiency.

OMFV Articles


Press release | 04. 14. 2021

L3Harris Technologies and American Rheinmetall Vehicles Team to Pursue US Army’s New Fighting Vehicle

L3Harris Technologies and American Rheinmetall Vehicles have signed a teaming agreement to jointly develop the U.S. Army’s new Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV), which will replace the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle.


Press release | 04. 14. 2021

L3Harris Technologies and American Rheinmetall Vehicles Team to Pursue US Army’s New Fighting Vehicle

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