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Advanced Air Mobility Solutions

Product Overview

At L3Harris, we have a highly talented and dedicated Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) team to provide guidance from the initial concept all the way through the lifecycle of the platform. Our teams are active in the industry by leading innovation efforts, driving industry standards and developing new technologies, products and systems for the emerging AAM platform and ecosystem growth. 

The current L3Harris portfolio of solutions include voice and flight data recorders, active surveillance and traffic collision avoidance systems (TCAS), air-ground integrated network and connectivity, and pilot training simulators. We collect a multitude of safety and operational data and provide globally recognized analytics services to measure operations against safety, efficiency, and economic milestones.

Key solutions:

• Extra light and integrated voice and flight data recorders
• Unmanned collision avoidance and non-cooperative sensor integration systems
• Network integration & connectivity products and services
• Pilot training simulators
• Advanced multifunction displays and avionics
• Flight data analytics

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ACAS X Surveillance & Detect and Avoid Solutions

L3Harris leverages our vast technological experience to provide next-generation surveillance solutions by integrating TCAS, terrain awareness, transponders, distance measuring equipment and ADS-B into a single simplified OEM unit that provides unmatched tactical performance and safety while reducing costs through a reduction in wiring, LRUs and multiple antennas.


Key features:

  • Active research and development programs: Our advanced technology team is focused on progressing future disruptive technologies in AAM/UAM that include (but are not limited to) detect and avoid, aircraft situational awareness, Airborne Collision Avoidance System Xr (ACAS Xr) integration, and secure cellular datalink integration
  • Active industry involvement: Co-chaired RTCA SC-147 ACAS X working groups and actively participating in other relevant industry working groups including SC-147 ACAS Xr MOPS development and SC-228 detect and avoid requirements
  • Leading industry innovation: Development versions of ACAS Xu have been flight tested on Predator, Triton and other unmanned platforms. Successful flight test programs with ACAS Xu have totaled over 300 flight hours and 400 encounters
  • Airborne Hazard Assessment (AHA) Integration: The L3Harris AHA solution provides unprecedented detection and visualization to pilots. It provides enhanced landing and take-off awareness in a 360⁰ scalable view and a 180M detection of wires and other obstacles. AHA provides leading-edge 40M hazard assessments, ideal for drone detection. The sensor-agnostic interface utilizes radar, EO/IO and LIDAR for enhanced pilot situational awareness during all phases of flight


Helicopter in flight

Voice and Flight Data Recorders

New urban mobility aircraft and eVTOLs require extra lightweight recorders to meet the specifications of sustainability and space while capturing the most data possible. L3Harris is an industry leader with over 60 years of experience providing voice and flight data recorders for just about all aerospace platforms. The Extra Lightweight Data Recorder (xLDR) is designed for eVTOLs, helicopters and unmanned aircraft and provides crash-protected audio, flight data, images, video and GPS parameters in a small, lightweight package that exceeds mandates and global recommendations flight recorders on smaller aircraft.

L3Harris Extra Lightweight Data Recorder

Key features of xLDR

• The built-in web server allows operators to retrieve recorded data with just a laptop and web browser.
• Certified – ED-155 and FAA TSO-C197; EASA ETSO-2C197
• Qualified to DO-160G
• Features a Crash-Survivable Memory Unit (CSMU) to protect valuable flight information
• Contains provisions for an analog camera as a video source

Multifunction Displays

L3Harris is taking its proven products and adapting them to the AAM platform and customer specific requirements. This includes multifunction display solutions meeting the required safety and certification requirements while providing operators a high performing, highly flexible and configurable data and video processing solution. Additional modes such as ADS-B, operations, synthetic vision, and other functions can be displayed when standby function is not in use.

AAM - Multifunctional Display

Key features

• Easy transition from primary to standby
• Multiple sizes, interfaces, & configurability
• High reliability, low weight & cost advantages
• Completes the ‘all-glass’ cockpit

UAM Training Program Development

L3Harris is developing UAM and eVTOL pilot training solutions by working with various OEMs, aviation authorities and its in-house Airline Training Organization (ATO). Our approach to the emerging market and anticipated demand is based on a competency based training & assessment framework underpinned by the use of our latest pilot training simulation technologies combined with our data analytics platforms.


Key features

• Cost-effective training curriculum to future pilots and UAM operators
• Digitally record trainee performance using our data analytics platform to develop safe and efficient commercial pilots
• Provide OEMs and operators with pilot training devices that can adapt to the developing regulatory requirements. This includes new simulators that adopt the latest in immersive technologies, provide a more cost-effective training solution compared to traditional commercial pilot training

Data Analytics

Connected aircraft solutions enable AAM operators to improve situational awareness, flight safety and route efficiency. Flight route planning, navigation, flight optimization and maintenance are core components to our solution for AAM operators.

AAM - Flight Data

Key features

• Operations analysis (including benchmark against other operators)
• Safety improvements
• Real-time analytics (vehicle battery life status)
• Evidence-based training
• Visualizations
• Event analysis

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